NSE 4 Fortigate 7 Network Security Professional

This course offers sample questions to help you prepare for the NSE 4 certification exam based on FortiOS 7.0

What you will learn

Firewall Policies

The configuration tasks cover some of the topics in the NSE 4

Fortinet Security Fabric

User Authentiation

SSL and IPsec VPNs



High Availability HA

Content Inspection

NSE4 Immersion


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In this interactive Exam, you will learn how to use basic FortiGate features, including security profiles.

In interactive Exam, you will explore firewall policies, security fabric, user authentication, SSL VPN, and how to protect your network using security profiles such as IPS, antivirus, web filtering, application control, and more. These administration fundamentals will provide you with a solid understanding of how to implement basic network security.

In this interactive Exam, you will learn how to use advanced FortiGate networking and security.

Topics include features commonly applied in complex or larger enterprise or MSSP networks, such as advanced routing, transparent mode, redundant infrastructure, site-to-site IPsec VPN, single sign-on (SSO), and diagnostics.

This course offers sample questions to help you prepare for the NSE 4 certification exam based on FortiOS 7.0; part of the NSE certification program. These sample questions cover content from the FortiGate Security 7.0 and FortiGate Infrastructure 7.0 training course.

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Prepare to NSE 4 NSE4_FGT-7.0  Exam

Exam Topics

Successful candidates have applied knowledge and skills in the following areas and tasks:

  • FortiGate deployment
  • Perform initial configuration
  • Implement the Fortinet Security Fabric
  • Configure log settings and diagnose problems using the logs
  • Describe and configure VDOMs to split a FortiGate device into multiple virtual devices
  • Identify and configure different operation modes for an FGCP HA cluster
  • Diagnose resource and connectivity problems

Firewall and authentication

  •   Identify and Configure how firewall policy NAT and central NAT works
  • Identify and configure different methods of firewall authentication
  • Explain FSSO deployment and configuration

Content inspection

  • Describe and inspect encrypted traffic using certificates
  • Identify FortiGate inspection modes and configure web and DNS filtering
  • Configure application control to monitor and control network applications
  • Explain and configure antivirus scanning modes to neutralize malware threats
  • Configure IPS, DoS, and WAF to protect the network from hacking and DDoS attacks
  • Configure FortiGate to act as an implicit and explicit web proxy

Routing and Layer 2 switching

  • Configure and route packets using static and policy-based routes
  • Configure SD-WAN to load balance traffic between multiple WAN links effectively
  • Configure FortiGate interfaces or VDOMs to operate as Layer 2 devices


  • Configure and implement different SSL-VPN modes to provide secure access to the private network
  • Implement a meshed or partially redundant IPsec VPN

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