Ninja Drummer – Play Drums Go From Beginner To Ninja Drummer

Play drums to your favourite songs, drum lessons for beginners, Learn to play a drum beat and rudiments for percussion

How to play the drums

Play drums to your favourite songs

How to hold the drum sticks

5 essential drum rudiments to play on drums and percussion instruments

How to be a more flexible and relaxed drummer

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Create your own drum fills


  • Pair of drumsticks
  • Practise pad


Are you ready to play the drums? Not sure where to start ? This course will guide you through the basic fundamentals of playing the drums. From this course you’ll gain a greater understanding of the parts of drum kit, be able to hold the drum sticks correctly, and play a drum beat to jam along to your favourite songs. You’ll also learn 5 essential drum rudiments to create your own drum fills and play on different percussion instruments. I’ll help you go from beginner to ninja drummer!

Who this course is for:

  • People who are new to the drums
  • People who’ve played drums before and want to get back into playing
  • Guitar players who’d like to learn the drums & Improve their rhythm
  • Dancers who want to connect more with drumming
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