New Windows Device Setup Tips for Dummies

Eliminate Your Windows Device Setup Worries in 2 Hours

What you will learn

Explain Device Basics

Demonstrate How To Perform Security Related Setup

Demonstrate How To Perform Maintenance Related Setup

Demonstrate How To Perform Productivity Related Setup


Have enough of having a headache each time you need to setup a new Windows device? Wish someone can help you in a very layman, easy to understand manner?

This is a course derived by a regular Joe, made for dummies by a dummy himself. I hope to share what I know, in the hope it can help others as well.

There will not be:

– complicated technical jargon (not again!)

– migraine inducing IT terms (OMG)

– a lot of pain, but no end product (roll eyes)

– lack of practical application to properly solve your setup issues (what a waste of time!)

You will learn about:

1. Me and why my sharing is practical and coming from a practitioner.

I’m no expert but I practice what I share. In fact, I will be talking about software/applications which I personally use.

Everything is practitioner based!

2. Device Basics

Just enough to get you over the sea, without getting sea sick!

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3. Security

Secure your device first, before someone does it for you!

4. Maintenance

Setup the maintenance framework so that the device takes care of itself thereafter.

5. Productivity

Apps to make your device functional and useful.

6. Short Quiz

No fear, just a simple assessment to ensure you remember the good stuffs.

7. Conclusion

Congratulations and final recap.

This course is designed to allow you, within 2 hours or so, to transform from a device setup fearing beginner to a bona fide device setup warrior who can at least function efficiently in today’s digital age. Thereafter, you can just use this blueprint each time you upgrade or change to a new device!




Welcome & Introduction

Device Basics

Device Basics







Short Quiz

Short Quiz





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