Neapolitan language course

Neapolitan dialect course: Neapolitan grammar, Proverbs, Stories from Neapolitan folklore and Common expressions

What you will learn

Learn basic grammar of neapolitan dialect

Learn the most common neapolitan expressions

Learn about neapolitan culture and folklore

Learn neapolitan proverbs


‘’Napul’è mille culure’’.  Naples is a thousand colors, that is how Pino Daniele, one of the most famous Neapolitan singers described his city. Naples is a thousand colors and, in this course, we will study every shade of it.

A fun, wise, interesting and magical way to discover Neapolitan culture, lifting the veil of mystery surrounding it. This is not the traditional language course. It is a virtual journey in Naples discovering the culture, traditions, language and stories from Neapolitan folklore.

What to expect? In this course, you will study basic vocabulary and grammar, as well as the most common proverbs, idioms and expressions of Neapolitan dialect. We will also study legends and folk stories, to better understand Neapolitan culture.

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It is a course for those interested in knowing more about the dialect, who want to learn how to express in certain situations like Neapolitan people, using daily expressions and idioms. For example, you will learn how to make a toast in Neapolitan, or what formula to say to activate the good luck of the little red horn, a lucky talisman.

It is a course for beginners, and no previous knowledge of Italian or Neapolitan is required. Lessons are taught in English



Episode 1

Welcome and Course introduction
Verb to Be and Personal Pronouns
Who are you?
Neapolitan Nicknames
What’s your name?
Neapolitan Smorfia
Numbers- part 1
Numbers- part 2
Numbers- part 3
What time is it?
Verb to have
Questions with have
Who is Pulcinella?

Episode 2

Neapolitan Wisdom- Part 1
Where are you from?
Verbs- Part 1
Speaking- part 1
Speaking- part 2
Verbs- part 2
Speaking- part 3
Speaking- part 4
Verbs- part 3
O’ Munaciello

Episode 3

Neapolitan wisdom- Part 2
The weather
Clothes and seasons
Common Neapolitan expressions
How to make a toast
A’ bella mbriana

Episode 4

Neapolitan wisdom
Verbs- Part 1
Verbs- part 2
Verbs- part 3
Common Neapolitan Expressions
O’ curniciello
Lucky formula
Family Vocabulary

Episode 5

Neapolitan wisdom
The definite article
The definite article- plural form
The undefinite article
The legend of Parthenope
Food vocabulary

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