Mouse ‘n Cheese – Learning to 3D Model in Blender

A Complete Beginner’s Crash Course in 3D Modeling with Blender


What You Will Learn

Create interesting models, either with “quick and dirty” methods or with cleaner, more thorough methods.

Use particle systems to simulate fur.

Set up materials and textures, both procedural and image-based.

Create a simple lighting setup.

Adjust render settings to create and export a high-quality image render.


  • Blender 2.8 or later. No prior knowledge of how to use Blender is necessary.


So, are you interested in 3D modeling with Blender? The process can be interesting, fun, and…frustrating. In this streamlined tutorial series, I will teach you everything you need to know to get started creating your own textured models that you can render in very high detail. We’ll model a mouse, cheese, and environment from start to finish, using Blender’s hair particle system to create fur. Then we’ll create materials and textures for them, which we will then set up for a final render.

If you’ve never used Blender before, this course is built especially for you! Everything is explained each step of the way, and the project has been designed to provide a well-rounded set of skills and tricks for any beginner interested in 3D modeling. Furthermore, this series has been streamlined to take you from absolutely nothing to a finished, highly realistic-looking result in less than 2 hours.

All you need to get started is a copy of Blender 2.8 or later (though I would recommend 2.9 or later), which can be downloaded for free at Blender’s website.

So, if you’d like to learn Blender by building an interesting project that teaches a wide array of skills, this course is for you!

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Who this course is for:

  • People interested in learning 3D modeling with Blender.

Course content

5 sections • 11 lectures • 1h 47m total length

  • The Basics of Blender’s UI and Hotkeys


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