Microsoft Excel Complete Course | All in one MS Excel Course

Basic to Advanced Level Microsoft Excel Training Course | A Complete Guide to MS Excel

What you will learn

Learn Microsoft Excel from Basics to Expert Level

Learn How to Analyze the Data

Learn the Formatting & Conditional Formatting

Learn the Mathematical Functions

Learn the Logical Functions

Learn the Lookup Functions

Learn the Excel Sheet Auditing Tools

Learn Data Consolidation in Excel

Learn the Shortcut Keys

Learn Printing the Excel File

Lean the Sort & Filter Options

Learn about Charts & Tables

Learn the use of Pivot Tables & Charts

Learn to Create Dashboards

Learn About Form Controls

Learn the VBA & Macros


Excel the Microsoft Excel Skills By joining the Complete MS Excel Training Course.

Microsoft Excel is a basic & must-learn skill in today’s world for almost everyone. MS Excel is one of the most used products of Microsoft office. It is being used in almost every business, every corporation, and institution for data entry, data analysis, data presentation, data consolidation, or data calculation. Microsoft Excel is a very user-friendly, easy-to-use & interactive software that will give the desired results accurately & within no time. Even if you never used Microsoft Excel before still, you will not feel any difficulty in learning the MS Excel software.

This MS Excel course is ‘All in one complete’ Excel training from beginner to advanced level. If you are an engineer, auditor, data analyst, data scientist, data entry operator, student, teacher, or researcher you can choose this course to gain the skill as per your requirement even if you are from any other background & you want to gain the skill you are more than welcome here.

This Microsoft Excel course has a total of 55 video lectures with a total length of 6 hours. This course is designed by keeping in mind the beginner or entry-level approach but if you already have some knowledge about MS excel or worked before in Excel then you can skip those basic level lectures.

This course is designed in Microsoft Excel 2016 version but it can be easily learned in almost any older or latest version of MS Excel.

Microsoft Excel shortcut keys file & some sample excel files are attached as resources. You can download & practice on it.

This course is divided into the following different sections:

1. Introduction

2. Math & Auto Sum Functions

3. Cell Name & Cell References

4. Home Tab

5. Operator, Equations & Excel Errors

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6. Logical Functions

7. Lookup Functions

8. Auditing Tools in Excel

9. Insert Tab

10. Info, Text, Date & Time, and Reference Functions

11. Page Layout & View Tab Options

12. Data Tab

13. Dashboards in Excel

14. Developer Tab

There are so many topics to learn under these sections & you will be going to learn a lot more which will definitely add value to your work.

So, Hit the Enroll Now Button & Enjoy the Course. Happy Learning!




Introduction to MS Excel Interface

Math & Auto Sum Functions

Basic Mathematical Functions
AutoSum Functions
Sum IF Function & Remove Duplicates Option
Sum IF & Sum IFs, Count IF & Count IFs Functions
Sub Total Function
Arrays & Sum Product Functions
Other Mathematical Functions

Cell Name & Cell References

Cell or Range Name
Absolute & Relative References

Home Tab

Formatting in Excel
Excel Data Types
Roaming in Excel
Go to & Replace Options
Auto Fill Options
Copy, Paste & Paste Special Options
Conditional Formatting
Sort & Filter Options

Operators, Equations & Excel Errors

Operators in Excel
Equation Writing in Excel
Errors in Excel Sheet

Logical Functions

Logical Function IF
Logical Function IF Error
Logical Function (IF, Nested IF, OR)
Logical Function AND

LOOKUP Functions

VLOOKUP Function
VLOOKUP Function with Data Validation
VLOOKUP Function with Wildcard
VLOOKUP with Helper Column
HLOOKUP Function

Auditing Tools in Excel

Quick Audit Using Charts
Sheet Formulas Auditing Tools

Insert Tab

Selecting the Chart
Charts in Excel
Tables in Excel
Pivot Table & Chart in Excel
Sparklines & Slicer Filter Options
Inserting Comments
Inserting Hyperlink

Info, Text, Date, Time & Reference Functions

Info Functions
Text Functions
Date, Time & Reference Functions

Page Layout Tab & View Tab Options

Printing & Viewing the Excel Sheet

Data Tab

Text to Columns Tool
Data Consolidation in Excel
Scenario Manager Option
Goal Seek Option
Data Table Option
Queries in Excel | Import External Data

Dashboards in Excel

Dashboards in Excel

Developer Tab

Form Controls
Recording & Using Macros
Creating & Using Macro Button
Visual Basic for Application (VBA) | Macro Coding

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