Managing Emotions – Creates an Exceptional Leader

Become a successful & Exceptional leader and professional by learning to manage Emotions

What you will learn

Become a leader and achieve success by effectively managing Emotional Intelligence in Professional and Personal life

Managing own Emotions and Handling Crucial situations in Work place and in Social Life


                                                                                        Managing Emotions is a complete study of all aspects of Emotional Intelligence. This is a major subject in Business Management and Business Administration. This course is helpful for all management students and professionals in all categories. In the contemporary world we live in a multi cultural environment. We work and interact with people of diverse backgrounds. So it is very vital to understand and manage emotions of people  from different culture. In our work place and in our personal life one should be well versed on managing emotions to become a successful leader. A real leader is the one who creates another leader. This course will develop your management skills and will make you a successful and adorable individual in profession as well as personal life, “Be an Excellent Professional and a Great Human Being” . Here we will learn about model behaviors that demonstrate management of emotions · recognize and respond to the emotional states of others and  promote the development of emotional intelligence in others.

Managing Emotions  is an essential quality of a successful leader. A leader should posses entire control over emotional strengths and weaknesses. The variable emotions can lead to make irrational or impulsive decisions in the workplace which might cause severe damage to the organization and the team. Leaders and managers have a powerful influence on others in the workplace. They should have a proper understating of their strengths and weaknesses as an uncontrolled emotion or a negative behavior could drain the energy of your work colleagues. The way that managers handle their emotions in the workplace has a direct impact on team performance. An enthusiastic and empathetic manager will create an energetic atmosphere among the team members. They will be free to share their views and ideas and result in group decisions and an efficient of the proposed project or tasks. An emotional bonding in a workplace enables you and your team to remain focused even in between an organizational change.

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Emotional Intelligence management

Emotional Strengths and weakness
Identifying own Emotional Strengths & Weakness
Work Place Stress & Stressors
.Awareness of own Emotional Triggers
Model & demonstrate management of emotions
Developing Emotional Intelligence using Self Reflection process
Responding to the emotional Cues of Co-workers
Responding to the cultural expressions of Emotions
Demonstrating flexibility and adaptability while organizational change
Considering others emotions while taking decisions
Providing Opportunities to express others thoughts and feelings
Assisting co-workers in determining the effect of their behavior in work
Encouraging Self Management of Emotions
Encourage positive emotional climate in the work place
Utilization of the strength of co-workers to achieve the best outcome
Emotional Intelligence Principle and Strategies
Benefits of relationships between emotionally effective people
Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence

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