Machine Learning Intro for Python Developers

Get started with Machine Learning Algorithms

What you will learn

Machine Learning Basics with Python

How to apply ML algorithms to your own problems

How some algorithms work internally (kmeans, decision tree)

Classify data automatically

Predict prices with algorithms

Group data points automatically


Learn how to use Machine Learning with Python Scikit!

This is a getting started course for Machine Learning. If you are new to Machine Learning, this course is for you!

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We’ll teach you how to get started with Machine Learning including these topics:

  • What is Machine Learning
  • Automatically classify new data
  • Predict prices with regression
  • Group your data automatically with clustering



What is Machine Learning?
Example Problems
Supervised Learning

First Program (Classifier)

Installing Scikit and Numpy
Important Note
First Program (Classifier)
Lecture Notes

Iris Classifier

Iris Classifier
Accuracy Score
See a Decision Tree


Linear Regression
Lecture Notes
Regression Example
Polynomial Regression


Lecture Notes
Kmeans explained

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