Living With Wisdom – Answering your life’s biggest questions

An amazing course based on the spiritual wisdom of Oneness.


What You Will Learn

How to handle conflict and difficult people.

Identify the triggers to stress.

How negative thoughts impact your mind, body and spirit.

What true happiness is, and does it really exist?

The value of appreciating ourselves.

How to manage emotions.


  • The course is delivered in English and has been designed for everyone.
  • You will need a pen and notepad to make notes, journal your thoughts and answer each lesson’s questions.
  • No previous spiritual knowledge or experience is needed.
  • It is open to anyone regardless of background, religion or spiritual views.


At some point in our life, we have all asked one of life’s biggest questions: ‘What Is My Life About?’

We get so busy in life with responsibilities, work, families, relationships & social events, and pressures of life that at some point we take a step back and reflect upon the purpose of life. This FREE 10-lesson Living With Wisdom course helps you do this.

What You’ll Discover?

Amazing new insights into the mind. New, undiscovered ways to understand spiritual wisdom and how to connect it to your life.  You will be given practical steps, exercises, meditations, and questions that will help deepen your knowledge and understanding of life using spirituality as your foundation.

The source for this course is Guru Granth Sahib Ji, a Sikh spiritual scripture on the wisdom of Oneness.

Can I do this course as a Solo Learner or in Group Learning?

We would encourage you to go through this course with a group of like-minded spiritual beings, where you can learn and exchange ideas together. You can also complete the course as a solo learner. Either way, you will benefit from this amazing wisdom.


“Excellent course. Great content. Very thought provoking. Well produced.”

“The context is very enlightening and tells me about day to day living wisdoms in a very simple and practical way.”

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“Thank you Satpal, I always listened to you on YouTube. When you announced this course I signed up right away. The first 8 minutes meditation is just amazing. I have downloaded it and will be practicing this a few times a day. I am so glad to have joined this course.”

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wishing to understand how to apply spiritual wisdom into their life.
  • Anyone looking to transform their mindset in order to experience peace.
  • You can take the course as a solo learner.
  • You can also take this course as a group so that you can learn and exchange your thoughts with one another.

Course content

11 sections • 105 lectures • 2h 28m total length

  • How to use this course


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