Living a Life of Patience and Mastering it

Mastering Patience

What you will learn

Define triggers that create a lack of patience

Create and implement morning and evening rituals

Identify fundamental ways to create boundaries

Complete a motivational and anchoring mantra and patient intention, cultivating the true value behind Mastering Patience, for you

Tangible and actionable patience tool-kit lifestyle go to’s


As you go about your day, you might notice that your patience is running thin or that you get to a space where you ‘snap’!

In order to be our true, authentic, highest functioning self, we need to dig a little deeper and identify what is causing our impatience. Create strategies to reduce the impatience and perhaps even moving forward into mastering it.

This course is for you if you feel like you aren’t yourself in terms of reacting vs responding, or you find it challenging to set boundaries, have a hard time saying no, and if you feel like you are on edge and just feeling pulled, overcommitted. This could be at home, at the office or perhaps while you are driving. Just to name a few.

In this course, Mastering Patience, you will uncover where and when your patience is the most optimal and the least optimal by going through handouts, questionnaires, and processes. This will assist in pulling out tangible and much needed in-the-moment tools to keep your impatience at bay.

Together, we’ll work through the root cause of your impatience, your triggers, and how to transform this into patients no matter the circumstances.

This will allow your to participate in the present moment more and more each day by reducing distractions, reducing stress, appreciating the moment and even reducing multitasking, which, will improve your productivity! Lots of benefits to Mastering Patience! And ultimately, living a life of balance, patience and optimal present moment, being ness.

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I am so excited for you to jump into this course and discover how your life can be lived with patience, no matter what the circumstances.

Are you ready to add patience, awareness, boundaries and clarity around each of your days?

I am when you are! You know what to do!

You deserve it, don’t you think?




Patience Questionnaire
Boundary Setting
Energy Suck Barometer
Step Into Action
Patience Tool-Kit
Morning Ritual
Evening RItual
Patience Intention
Mastering Patience Closing Guided Meditation Experience

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