Linux Operating System: A complete Linux guide for Beginners

Linux Command Line, Ubuntu, shell scripting, bash shell, Linux Administration, Linux Operating system, IT job essentials

What you will learn

Linux System Administration skills.

Complete Understanding of Linux & fill in any existing knowledge gaps.

Linux key concepts and commands starting from scratch. (No prior Linux knowledge is required)

Become an Independent User of the Linux Operating System.

Have deep understanding of Linux fundamentals and concepts

How to set up the Linux environment (Installing Linux Mint in a VM)

Setup your own Apache Server

Host your own website on Linux server


This is a brand new Linux Administration course updated in November 2021.

Linux is the number 1 operating system in the Corporate world. Industry’s most powerful computers are Linux-based. Linux is a popular open-source operating system that’s easy to use and highly secure.

Every time you use Google or Facebook or any other major Internet site, you are communicating with servers running Linux. Most DVRs, airplane, and automobile entertainment systems, and recent TVs run on Linux. Also, if you are using an Android phone, you are using a flavor of Linux.

Linux offers low-cost servers that can run almost every major web development language available. With the availability of cloud computing, the Linux market share is skyrocketing.

By enrolling in this course you’ll learn what really matters and you’ll get the skills to get ahead and gain an edge, the best investment in your career!

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If you want to start your career in Linux and have little or no knowledge of Linux then this course will definitely help. In this course, you will learn Linux installation, configuration, administration, shell scripting, and much more. It is specially designed for you in case you have no prior experience in Linux, or you’ve taken other related courses and you want to fill in gaps, or you are coming from other fields.

You’ll have lifetime access and you can return and look for a specific Linux concept or command anytime you want.

In addition to the lectures, there will be quizzes, additional resources, and hand-out material to aid the learning experience.

You’ll also learn how to create your own Apache Server and host a real-time website.




Introduction to Course
Course Outline
What is linux
Why Linux?

Linux Distributions and History

Brief History
Major Linux Families
Choosing Distro for this course

Download, Install and Configure

Installation and understanding virtualization
Installing VirtualBox
Installing Linux Mint
Creating First VM
Installing Linux Mint
Additional settings for VirtualBox
On Works (alternate if can’t use vm)

Introduction to File System and Terminal

Look-around in Mint UI
Linux File System Hierarchy
Introduction to Terminal
Linux Directory Commands
Linux Directory Commands Part-2
Getting Help

Working with Files and Directories

Printing Contents of Files
Coping, moving, renaming Files
Linux File Editors (nano editor)
Linux File Editors (vi text editor)
Search for a file (find,locate)
Grep, Comparing Files
Pipe and sed
Checking File Size
Compress and Un-compress files/directories

System and Utility commands

System Info
System Utilities (Date, calander, sleep)
Utility commands (clear exit shutdown)
Uptime, alias
User Management
Changing ownership of file, folder
Changing user permissions
Changing permissions using num code


Networking – Introduction
Check your IP
Setting up bridged network in VirtualBox

Process and Memory

Process (ps and top)
Killing a Process

Advanced Features

Writing and running code using terminal ( C language)
Installing Apache Server
Setting up your own webpage
Shell Scripting

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