LinkedIn career search guide: Find your first internship/job

Master LinkedIn Job Search Techniques and find new opportunities | Improve your LinkedIn Profile & increase your network


What you’ll learn

  • linkedin basics
  • linkedin profile
  • career search guide
  • LinkedIn career search guide
  • Find your first internship/job
  • Tips on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile
  • Create career opportunities during your job search by creating content on LinkedIn
  • Build your perfect LinkedIn profile
  • Learn how to get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters
  • Build a strong online network on LinkedIn
  • Grow your LinkedIn account and increase your connections
  • Learn the top LinkedIn career search tips and strategies


  • There are no prerequisites for taking this course
  • No prior knowledge of LinkedIn is required for understanding all the training material


Are you looking for new opportunities?

Then this course is perfect for you! It covers everything you need to know to Master LinkedIn Job Search and find yourself new opportunities. We cover everything from the basics so even if you have no prior experience with LinkedIn, you will have no issues understanding and following the instructions and tips we share.

This course will help you improve your LinkedIn Profile, and increase your network and chances of getting better opportunities. Throughout this course we give you tips on how to improve and optimise your profile to sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date so you stand out to recruiters.

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We will cover tips like ” Updating your profile status to “Open to Work” to let recruiters and your network know the type of jobs you are interested in” and “how to create content to make yourself seen by recruiters”.

We will cover all important features of LinkedIn which help in finding better opportunities like the advanced search feature and how to save jobs while browsing job search results on LinkedIn to come back later to apply for them.

Optimising your profile is a necessary step for making your profile stand out to recruiters. We have covered this in great detail in section 2 of this course. Make sure to follow all the tips to get the best results.

Who this course is for:

  • For anyone that is interested in getting their dream job/internship
  • For students and young professionals who are entering the workforce
  • For anyone interested in creating a great LinkedIn profile
  • For anyone interested in exploring new opportunities

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