Linear Programming for Data Science

Learn Linear Programming Problems (LPP) for Data Science and Machine Learning

What you will learn

Introduction to Coordinate System

Linear Inequalities

Graphing of Linear inequalities

Linear programming Problems


If you find it difficult to understand various concepts of Maths ? If you have a feeling of not being confident in learning Math ? If you facing difficulty in solving Math questions and feel that you need to strengthen your basics? Then you have come to the right place. Throughout the course, emphasis is on learning Mathematics using practice problems.

This course is useful for both beginners as well as for advanced level. Here, this course covers the following areas :

What is objective function?

What are constraints?

How to solve Linear Programming Problems (LPP)

How word problems can be converted into LPP model?

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I am sure that this course will be create a strong platform for students and those who are planning for appearing in competitive tests and studying higher Mathematics .

You will also get a good and friendly support in Q&A section . It is also planned that based on your feed back, new material of Linear Programming techniques like Simplex method  etc. will be added to the course. Hope the course will develop better understanding and boost the self confidence of the students who are doing data science and other courses of management from different business schools and universities.

Waiting for you inside the course!

So hurry up and Join now !!



Introduction to Coordinate System

Introduction to coordinate geometry

Linear Inequalities

LPP (word problem)

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