Learn TypeScript Decorators in depth

Ace your TypeScript skills with TypeScript decorators

What you will learn

First basics of the TypeScript decorators are covered in a very beginner friendly manner

Then advanced topics like decorator factory, property descriptor are covered

A flavor of Reflection and meta data is also covered

All related Coding examples including validations and logging are covered.


In this course you learn in depth the following topics

1. What are TypeScript decorators ?

2. Types of TypeScript Decorators

3. Decorator Factories

4. Implementing Decorator factories with different types of Decorators

5. Property Descriptors

6. Introduction to Reflection and Meta data

7. Variety of Use cases and

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8. Practical coding examples for different types of validations and their implementations through TypeScript Decorators.

TypeScript is the superset of JavaScript. TypeScript Decorators are a feature in TypeScript through which you attach functionalities to various parts of objects and classes, functions, properties and parameters etc.

TypeScript Decorators play an important role in many JavaScript based frameworks and technologies including Angular, React, VueJS and other prominent libraries which support TypeScript. That is why it is a very important part of every programmer’s toolset.

Learning this feature and adding it to your toolset will definitely add to your skill set in different directions including Web APIs, client side programming or server side programming.

Whether you are a beginner level programmer, an intermediate or an expert, this course has something for everyone. Explanations are kept so simple and easy to understand that it is easily understood by all, but without losing any core concepts.

The better approach will be to code in parallel and become hands on with these advanced concepts. That is why I have coded each line right there. And concepts and theories have been discussed in live coding so as not to bore with the static slides and graphics. Instead keeping engaged in coding all the time.



TypeScript Decorator Basics

Introduction to the Course
Introducing Decorators
Remove experimental Deocorator warning
Types of Decorators
Property Decorator
Method Decorator
Parameter Decorator

TypeScript Decorators : Advanced Concepts

Introduction to Decorator Factory
More details on Decorator Factory
Property Descriptor
What is Reflection and Meta Data?
Implement Class for Reflection and Meta Data with Decorator Part 1
Implement Class for Reflection and Meta Data with Decorator Part 2

Coding Examples for TypeScript Decorators

Email Validation Decorator Implemenation
Max Length Validation Decorator Implementation
Numeric Validation Decorator Implementation

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