Learn to Create a Resume and Cover Letter (for Designers)

Learn How you can Create a Resume and Cover Letter to Land Your Dream Design Job

What you will learn

Learn how to create a resume that will land your ideal job or client

Learn how to remove “fluff” from a resume

Develop the ability to assess an employer’s needs and tailor your resume to meet those needs.

Learn how to format a resume properly and create a visually appealing document

Learn how to design an extraordinary resume

Learn how to land your ideal freelance or contract work as a freelance designer

Learn how to land your ideal job at a startup or large design company


This course is going to help you design a resume that will land your ideal design job or attract your ideal design clients.

It is tailored for students and experienced design professionals who are either looking to create a resume from scratch or are looking to bring their current resume to the next level.

This course will also teach you how to create a cover letter that will make you stand out from the crowd, and that will make your application stay top of mind to your potential employer.

It will also show you how to easily design a resume with copy and paste resume templates that are going to help you bring your application to the next level.

But why should you learn resume design from me?

I’ll briefly introduce myself: my name is Pierluigi and I’m a full-time designer with over 8 years of experience.

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After graduating with a BA Graphic Design from one of the top Design Universities in London I worked and managed hundreds of design projects for companies of all sizes and tech backgrounds, from Fortune 500 companies to Million-Dollar Companies that needed to raise their next round of funding.

On the side, I have also designed over 20 design products and my designs have been downloaded over 50000+ times.

I also have a design channel on Youtube with over 300 videos and I’m active on Dribbble and Instagram with over 30000 followers.

I had a deep passion for design ever since I was in high school and since this industry gave me so much, I want to give back by sharing the knowledge I gathered as a designer over all these years.

So join me today in this course and let’s learn how to design an amazing resume, so that you can bring your design career to the next level!



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