Learn the Authentic Chinese Pronunciation with Danya

Learn Chinese pronunciatio from zero basic

What you will learn

Learn the authentic Chinese words’ pronunciation from one-syllable to two-syllable words

Master the skill of Chinese words’ pronunciation

Complete of a study of 60-80 basic Chinese words

Complete of a study to read the 60-80 Chinese words according to Chinese characters

Master basic Chinese pronunciation rules


Many Chinese learners are confused about their pronunciation and the tone when learning Chinese.They always ask me if they can speak Chinese more naturally and fluently ,just like a native speaker.Well,I can speak Chinese naturally ,because it is my mother tongue,but if it’s you who will speak the second language, it is somehow  different, especially the tone and  accent.

My course is to help you develop a habit of learning Chinese pronunciation and for you to learn the secret of achieving natural Chinese pronunciation from one-syllable words to the sentences  ,so, in that way , you will find confidence when speaking the Chinese language. Meanwhile,you can also learn 80 basic Chinese words and 100 basic Chinese characters at the first part of our course.

This  course will be including two  parts.The first part is  the words pronunciation ,which will start from one-syllable words to two-syllable words of HSK1~HSK3.  You will also learn some basic rules and skill about the Chinese pronunciation. The second part will be the sentence pronunciation learning,in which not only will you learn the pronunciation and  Chinese basic sentence patterns, but also some interesting Chinese idioms that can help you know some interesting Chinese culture .

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Introduction of the four tones
One -syllalbe words- first tone
One-syllable words-second tone
One-syllable words- third tone
One-syllable words-fourth tone
Two-syllable words-first tone+first tone
Two-syllable words-first tone+second tone/fourth tone
Two-syllalbe words-first tone + third tone
Two-syllable words-second tone+first tone/second tone
Two-syllable words-second tone+third tone
Two-syllable words-second tone+fourth tone
Two-syllalbe words-third tone + first tone/second tone
Two-syllable words-third tone+second tone
Two-syllable words-third tone+third tone
Two-syllable words-third tone+fourth tone
Two-syllable words-fourth tone+first tone
Two-syllable words-fourth tone+second tone
Two-syllalbe words-fourth tone+sencond tone/ fourth tone
Neutral tone
Two-syllable words in which the first syllable is the first tone-practice
Two-syllable words in which the first syllable is the third tone-practice
Two-syllable words in which the first syllable is the fourth tone-practice
Two-syllable words in which the first syllable is the second tone-practice
“er”sound 2
Practice of the same syllable words with different tones
Pronunciation of Sentences-主谓谓语句1
Pronunciation of Sentences-主谓句1
Pronunciation of Sentences-主谓句-是…
Pronunciation of Sentences-主谓句2-是…
Pronunciation of Sentences-吗?
Pronunciation of Sentences-吗 2?
Pronunciation of Sentences- 什么 1
Pronunciation of Sentences-什么2
Pronunciation of Sentences-她是我…
Pronunciation of Sentences-她是我…2
Pronunciation of Sentences-这是我…
Pronunciation of Sentences-这是我姐姐
Pronunciation of Sentences-不+V
Pronunciation of Sentences-我会
Pronunciation of Sentences-形容词谓语句
Pronunciation of Sentences-形容词谓语句否定
Pronunciation of Sentences-形容词谓语句重音
Pronunciation of Sentences-怎么…?

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