Learn Python From Zero to Master Object Oriented Programming

Learn Python Effectively, Python Course, Learn Python with Projects, Learn how to make games in Python, Learn OOP well

What you will learn

Be familiar with the Python programming language on a basic level.

Learn how to write your own Python programs and put them together.

Be confident in your Python programming abilities and knowledge so that you may apply for Python programming jobs.

Use Python to make your daily life easier.

Learn Object Oriented Programming very well

Learn how to make games by using Python


Python is a programming language aimed for both absolute beginners who have never programmed before and experienced programmers who want to increase their career options by learning Python. Python is, in fact, one of the most commonly used programming languages in the world, with big organizations such as Google using it to great advantage in mission-critical systems such as Google Search. In contrast, Python is the most widely used programming language for machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence. If you want to acquire one of those high-paying jobs, you’ll need to be an expert in Python, which this course will teach you.

Once you’ve finished the course, you’ll be able to apply for Python programming jobs with confidence. And, yes, this is true even if you have never programmed before. You may become employable and valuable in the eyes of future employers if you have the necessary skills, which you will learn and apply in this course.

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Please email me as soon as possible if you have any queries regarding this course, and I will answer to you the same day. This course will teach you how to make your life easier by getting acquainted with the Python programming language. This will keep you engaged on a daily basis and minimize boredom while learning Python.




Setup Python and Pycharm

Print Function

Print to the Console
Ask computer to wait
Convert python file to executable file
String Manipulate
Summation of String

Input Function

Get information from user
Ask User name and age, and make a real life project.
Characteristics of Variables

“len” Function

Find the length of the string
Convert Integer to String
Make a useful project with len function.
Get one letter from a String
Give user the letter which he wants.
Convert the py file to exe file

Data Types

Introduction of data types
Converting Data types

Mathematical Operations

Learning Mathematical Operations
Make an application which can multiply two numbers
Number manipulations
Round the Number
F string and format method

Download a Video from Youtube

Download a Video from Youtube

Conditional Operators ( If, elif, else)

Introduction to Conditional Operators
Making a Simple Calculator
Learn “Modulo”
Nested if statements
Project – Find the Leap year
Project – Learn your letter grade
Project – Find your body mass index
Project – Find the Largest number
Project – Find out the number is positive or negative.
String methods: lower(), upper(), count()
Project – Love Calculator
Project – Rolling Dice Game


Break the loop
Introduction to “List”
Convert String to List
Project- English Quiz
Project – Rock Paper Scissors
While loop
Project – Find the Average Score
Project – Find the Biggest and Smallest number
Range Function
Project – Summing Numbers
Project – Find the factorial
Project- Fibonacci Numbers
Project – Find Prime Numbers
Project – Find Greatest common divisor
Project – Find the Least common multiple
Project – Hot Cold Game
Project – Password Generator
Project – Hangman Part 1
Project – Hangman Part 2
Project- Hangman Final


Introduce to Functions
Define variables in and out of the functions
Functions with Inputs
Project – Make a Calculator by using Functions
Project – Print “L” on the console
Project – Print “A” on the Console
Project – Print Heart Shape on the Console
Introduction to Dictionaries.
Project – Grading Program
Using a dictionary inside another dictionary.
Functions with output.
Using Multiple Return in a function.
Using Functions as a Value in Dictionaries.
Calling the Function inside the same Function
Global Variables
Fixing the Bugs
Save data on “json” file
Final Project – Doing a Real Dictionary

Introduction to OOP

Defining a Class
__init__() Function
Adding Methods to a Class
Create objects by using loops
Project – Create Fighter and make them fight each other.
Structure of the Game
Game Project- Part 1
Game Project- Part 2
Game Project- Part 3
Game Project- Part 4
Game Project- Part 5
Game Project – Part 6
Game Project – Part 7
Game Project – Part 8
Game Project – Part 9
Game Project – Part 10
Game Project – Part 11
Game Project – Part 12

Turtle Basics

Create Turtle Object
Draw Square and Triange shape
Draw a Dashed Line
Draw Many shapes
Draw randomly
Random color change
Draw a Spirograph
Draw Dots
Move by Pressing a key
Setup the size of screen
Create text input popup
Create many Turtle with for loop
Make the Turtles Race
14- Doing a War Game

Snake Game

Screen Setup
Creating a Snake Body
Creating a Snake Body by using loop
Move the Snake Segments
Makes the Snake move as a whole
Make Tail follow the Head
Create a Snake Class
Control the snake with keypress
Create food
Detect collision
Create Scoreboard
Detect collision with wall
Extend the body
Detect collision with body
Fix the bug with the wall
Fix the bug with Changing direction
Convert Py File to executable file

Pong Game

Setup the Screen
Create Paddle
Move the Paddle with keypress
Using “tracer” and “update” Function
Create the Paddle Class
Create the Ball class
Make the ball move
Make the ball bounce
Detect Collision with the Paddle
Detect when the ball go out
Score Keeping
Fixing a bug with colliding ball

Cross Road Game

Setup the Screen
Create Players
Control Players with keypress
Create Cars
Detect Collision between Player and Cars
Create a Scoreboard

Flappy Bird Game

Screen Setup
Create Player
Control Turtle with keypress
Creating Walls
Use “Tracer” and “Update” method
Create Walls radomly
Make the wall move left side
Create many walls
Change wall color randomly
Detect Collision
Show the Score
Create GAME OVER text
Convert the py files to exe file

Space Invaders Game

Setup the Screen
Create Player
Using Tracer method
Change the Direction with Keypress
Fire Missiles
Create Invaders at random location
Kill the Invaders
Detect Collision with invader
Add scoreboard to the game
Convert Py file to Executable file

Car Race Game

Setup the Screen
Logic of the game
Draw the Road
Make drawing Faster
Create Player
Move the car with Keypress
Create Cars
Arrange the distance between cars
Change the color of the cars randomly
Detect when we are out of road.
Detect Collision
Make a score board
Fix the bug
Convert py to exe file

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