Learn How To Successfully Lose Weight Over 40

This mini course will show you how to lose those stubborn menopause kilos for good and get your confidence back!

What you will learn

Why weight loss after 40 is extra challenging.

Why most diets fail.

The common mistakes most women make

The role of hormones and their connection to weight gain during peri and menopause.

My success story.

My 6-steps formula to finally approach weight loss successfully.

Actionable tips to put into practice straight away.



Looking for an easy way to lose weight?

Then learn how to approach movement, nutrition and mindset in the most effective and powerful way so that you can finally break free from the dieting cycle and keep the weight off for good.

In this course, I will share my best tips, secrets, and strategies to help you feel happy in your body again and get your confidence back.

Whether you’re feeling scared and overwhelmed when you think of tackling this topic or you’re eager to get started right now, this mini-course will show you the most effective method to lose weight (and never find it again!).

This is what we’ll be covering:

  • I’m going to share my own story and how I figured it out.
  • You’ll learn why weight loss after 40 is so much more difficult.
  • Why most diets are a waste of time and can even make you gain weight
  • I’ll talk about the biggest mistakes most women make
  • I’ll reveal the one exercise everyone is doing that is totally messing with your metabolism.
  • And finally, I’ll show you the exact 6-step formula you can use to successfully lose weight, keep it off and still eat pizza!

Are you…

Trying hard to lose weight, but nothing works?

Frustrated every time you look in your wardrobe because nothing fits anymore?

Looking for guidance on sustainable weight loss rather than a quick fix?

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If any of the above resonates with you, this course is the answer.

You’ll learn

Why weight loss after 40 is extra challenging.

Why diets fail and the common mistakes most women make.

My success formula to finally approach weight loss successfully.

This eye-opening mini-course will leave you with actionable tips to put into practice straight away. In addition, it provides you with interesting facts that are especially relevant for everyone approaching or going through menopause when suddenly and seemingly overnight, clothes are getting tighter, and energy levels drop.

Know what I’m talking about? Then enrol now for FREE!




Course Overview
Who this course is for
Before you begin
Technical Instructions

What Results To Expect

My success story
My client’s success stories

Everything You Need To Know About Weight Loss Over 40

Why is weight loss over 40 so much harder
A closer look at hormones
Why most diets fail
Why most women fail

The Formula For Successful Weight Loss Over 40

Gut Health
Movement & Strength Training

Conclusion And How To Get Started

Summary of what you learned and how to put it into action
Sneak Peek into the Facebook Group
Instagram Tour
How to pre-register for my self study course
Hang on, didn’t you mention pizza?
Thank you

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