Learn how to buy Bitcoin and Crypto in less than an hour!

Basic guide to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from central or decentralised exchanges and use metamask!

What you will learn

What is Bitcoin? What is Blockchain? What do they promise for the future of mankind and why you should know how to invest?

What is Central Crypto Exchange (CEX)? Which one’s are the best? How to buy Bitcoin or Altcoins from a CEX?

What are decentralized wallet applications? What is Metamask? Why do you need it?

What is Decentralized Exchange (DEX)? Which one’s are the best? How to buy Bitcoin or Altcoins from a DEX?

How to load money to a crypto exchange from your bank account ?

How to transfer bitcoin or another cryptocurrency from your crypto exchange account to another wallet address (i.e. metamask)?


Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and crypto assets in general have become a popular investment alternative due to their future potentials. In order to be able to invest in this new financial asset class, you must know major crypto exchanges, how to sign up for them, the difference between centralised crypto exchanges (CEX) and decentralised crypto exchanges (DEX), KYC requirements (if any) and how to use a non-custodial decentralised wallet (i.e. Metamask) for your decentralised finance transactions. It is also important to be aware of some vulnerabilities of the existing platforms for safer transactions and for being protected from scammers.

Blockchain technology and it’s first and most popular child, Bitcoin promises a lot for the future of mankind. One must know these promises to understand the investment potential of crypto assets.

While some centralised crypto exchanges are very popular because of their top ranking by volume, one must also know other relatively smaller crypto exchanges which list thousands of new tokens and create huge early investment opportunity.

Decentralised crypto exchanges run on different blockchains or networks and hence it is important to know how to add new networks to non-custodial wallets in order not to miss potential investment opportunities.

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This course will be helpful for beginners who wants to quickly and easily learn how to use necessary platforms to buy crypto and catch investment opportunities.

This course or any part of it is not a financial advice.




What is Bitcoin? What is Blockchain? Why is it important for the future?

Central Crypto Exchanges (CEX)

How to buy Bitcoin or Altcoin from a Central Exchange (CEX)?

Decentralised Crypto Exchanges (DEX)

How to buy Bitcoin or Altcoins from a Decentralised Crypto Exchange?
Continued…How to buy Bitcoin or Altcoins from a Decentralised Crypto Exchange?

Deposits, Withdrawals and Transfers of Fiat and Crypto

How to send fiat money from your bank account to crypto exchange to buy crypto?
How to transfer cryptos from one wallet to another? (i.e. from CEX to Metamask)

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