Learn Chinese With Interesting and Funny Stories – HSK 1

Learning Chinese, Chinese stories, HSK 1, Chinese course

What you will learn

You will learn all HSK 1 words and some common words from HSK 2 and HSK 3.

You can make simple Chinese sentences.

You can explain simple problems in Chinese.

You will enjoy learning Chinese because stories are very interesting and funny.


Hello everyone,

As you know, China is among the most powerful countries, and therefore, the demand for China and Chinese is increasing day by day.  People generally think that Chinese is a very difficult language and they hesitate to start learning it. But Chinese is not as difficult a language as it seems. The characters are intimidating at first and are considered difficult to memorize. But as you will notice during the course and I will constantly emphasize, the characters are not that different from each other. During the tutorial I will talk about the relationships between the characters and it will be much easier to keep in mind that way.

In this tutorial series, I teach Chinese by translating exactly 46 short and funny Chinese stories. One of the most useful points of learning a language with stories is that you will see the words you have learned in many different sentences, so it will be very difficult for you to forget and you will be able to understand them much more easily. Another point is that we will learn the sentences that you can use in daily conversation, that is, you will be able to use the sentences we learned directly from the stories or similar sentences when talking to a Chinese friend. This will allow you to speak fluently.

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I prepared this course for those who don’t know anything about Chinese, so you don’t need any foundation. Try to fully understand the sentences I have explained in the videos and do not hesitate to ask me about the points you do not understand. I will answer your questions with additional videos. I recommend that you work by typing the characters at the beginning. In this way, you will be able to grasp the structure of the characters much faster.






Story 1
Story 2
Story 3
Story 4
Story 5
Story 6
Story 7
Story 8
Story 9
Story 10
Story 11
Story 12
Story 13
Story 14
Story 15
Story 16
Story 17
Story 18
Story 19
Story 20
Story 21
Story 22
Story 23
Story 24
Story 25
Story 26
Story 27
Story 28
Story 29
Story 30
Story 31
Story 32
Story 33
Story 34
Story 35
Story 36
Story 37
Story 38
Story 39
Story 40
Story 41
Story 42
Story 43
Story 44
Story 45
Story 46

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