Learn Carnatic Flute | Annamacharya Keerthanas – Vol 5

Learn Annamacharya Keerthanas in different raagas

What you will learn

Students can develop their own skills in playing these compositions

The notations are so simple to understand, that anyone can learn and play

Students get to know how to exercise the tough oscillations in notes by learning the course

Students can learn how to write the notations with help of rhythm cycles shown in the lectures


My Motto to start these courses is to “Let’s Connect With our Roots”. We are missing the charm and value of our traditions, customs and culture. Now-a-days most of the young generation kids don’t know our mother tongue. In the race of this technological era, we are running away from our valuable sources. Also there is a strong need to propagate the importance in learning performing arts like music. As a part of it, I would encourage all the younger generation and those aspirants to start learning Carnatic Classical Music, either in Vocal or Instrumental. Within the subject, a poet, composer and an ardent devotee of Lord Venkateshwara of Tirumala Tirupathi in India., Annamacharya, who wrote around 32,000 Keerthanas in praise of the lord, gave us a treasure of his renderings in our mother tongue, Telugu, a sweet language of South India. The new generation has to know about his beautiful compositions. Hence, a series of these courses have been made, compelled and presented in different volumes here.

My training process in these courses is always more interactive and joyful. Being a continuous student I know how much support and attention a student needs in shaping them into a good performer/artist, So, utmost attention will be given to the students in their perspective of learning.

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This course develops an interest to know, understand, learn and practice those immortal compositions in different tunes, rhythm cycles and much expressive lyrics within the student’s mind and takes him/her in a divine state of mind.




Enthamaathramuna evvaru dalachina Promo
How to play Maya Malava Gowla

Enthamaathramuna evvaru dalachina in Raagamaalika of Misra Chaapu talam

Enthamaathramuna Pallavi
Enthamaathramuna Charanam 1
Enthamaathramuna Charanam 2

Devadevambhaje divyaprabhaavam in Hindolam of Khanda Chaapu talam

Devadevambhaje Pallavi
Devadevambhaje Charanams

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