Learn Basics of Traffic Engineering

Learn about the all the important concepts in Traffic Engineering in this course


Basics of traffic engineering – how can we study road traffic and how we can design the signals to handle the traffic


  • Proficiency in arithmetics is required
  • Knowledge of statistics will be helpful
  • Knowledge of programming will be helpful


In day to day life, we see so much traffic on the road. Traffic Engineers are the people who in the real world, try to analyze the mathematical model of the traffic on the road. They then use this model to decide the policy of how the traffic will move on the road. They talk about intersections that are there on the road and how it should be designed. So this is the course that exactly teaches us how to do that. And after completion of the course, you will get a certificate from udemy certifying that you are an accomplished traffic engineer.

This is an older version of my course on Traffic engineering where I have explained some important concepts related to traffic operations as well as design of traffic signals. You will find explanation quite intuitive and easy to understand. I have included interviews with actual traffic engineers who are practicing currently and try to share what it is like to work as a traffic engineer. Overall, if someone wants to become a Traffic Engineer, this is a must course.

I have explained little bit theory about simulation which is required to understand the logic behind microscopic simulation tools such as VISSIM.

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Also I have explained about coordination between traffic signals which is specially important if you are designing traffic signals in a city.

I have served as a Senior Traffic engineer working on traffic signals of the entire city of Mumbai for 2 years and I have used my experiences and learnings from my work experience to create this course for budding traffic engineers.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who have enrolled in an undergraduate program in Civil Engineering
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