Learn Basics of Microsoft excel

You will learn about the important features such as screen protection, goal seek and Vlookup with pivot table.

What you will learn

Able to learn and Save Excel files

Able to learn about the rows and column

Able to learn about the rules of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication

Able to learn about some advanced rules of excel accounting.


In this Course you will be able to start the excel from a very basic level as you will learn how to open a workbook, save a workbook. How to perform small functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Apart from this you will also learn how to make a pivot table, how to lock the sheet so that no one should be able to write anything your sheet without your permission. You will learn how to put data validation. You will learn to make models based on the data and you can sell those models online and in the market and make a living out of it.

Apart from this, you will also learn how to link the data an deal with complex models, how to use VLOOKUP, how to make a model of 10 years or more than that. How to use Goal seek where you will be able to get the desired results within seconds without waiting for hours to make a fresh model and do it with the help of trial and error.

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This way you will be able to enjoy the course and use it in the official world and in your assignments too



Excel Course

Opening and saving an excel file?
How to do addition function in excel?
How to perform subtraction function in excel?
How to perform multiplication in excel?
How to perform Division in Excel?
Performing Addition+ Subtraction simaltenously
Performing Multiplication and Division simaltenously
If Condition?
Sum if Condition and Conditional Formatting
How to use Sum if condition?
Linking and making the model of income statement
Linking and making the model of Statement of financial position
Linking and making the model of statement of cashflow position
How to perform goal seek in excel?
How to protect sheet?, use data validation? and Use Vlookup?
How to make a pivot table?
Forecasting techniques of income statement
Forecasting techniques of statement of financial position

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