Learn 4-step modelling in Transportation Planning

Learn all the important concepts in 4-step modelling in this course

Introduction to Transportation Planning


  • Must have completed some introductory course in Transportation Engineering


Transportation Planning is a discipline in Civil Engineering that talks about methods and concepts of predicting future demand i.e. Traffic on the Transportation Systems such as road infrastructure. Students with varying background such as Economics, Policy, Engineering and Sciences can take this course. After successful completion, each student is eligible to get a certificate from Udemy.

I have explained the four step modeling in this course which is the theoretical foundation behind travel demand modeling. First step is of course trip generation, followed by trip distribution, mode choice and route assignment. I have tried to show to get real world data using US DOT website.

This is one of my older courses. I have included more explanation in my new courses. I have learnt these concepts during my Masters at UC Berkeley as well as while working as a consultant in Transportation consulting firms in USA.

If you are planning to have a career in Transportation Planning, this is a must course for you.  Most of the concepts discussed here are the ones that are taught during Masters program in Transportation Engineering at any university around the globe.

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After my stint at USA, I have served as a Senior Traffic Engineer in Mumbai and have taken care of adaptive traffic signals in the city. I have looked after coordination of signals. You can check out my other courses where I have compiled my learnings.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who have completed some introductory course in Transportation Engineering and are curious about further deepening their knowledge
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