Leadership in Kata Style

Modern leadership concepts for highly innovative teams

What you will learn

Leadership concepts for creating highly innovative teams

Boost the motivation, passion and joy at work

Create superior results by developing people

Proven Management Tools and Methods


“Put all you know about management to the test in this fun and interactive class.”

  • Learn how to motivate and inspire your team to achieve goals beyond your dreams.
  • Create a fun environment based on trust.
  • Create challenges and develop your employees.

This is not a normal class where the teacher talks and the student listens – This is a pool of thoughts, experiments, and ideas.

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Reflect on situations, simulations, and examples. Connect ideas from different sources, relate them to your business environment, and arrive at your own conclusions.



How we see

How we see

Where good results come from

Where good results come from


Trust and Standards
The Magic Ratio
The 4 Horsemen

How to change

The Project Management Effect


TPS Basics

The Kata Style

Toyota Kata – An Overview
Solve this!
Applying the Kata


Closing Talk and Assignment

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