LaTeX A-Z Simplified : Basic to Advanced Comprehensive Guide

TexStudio, Overleaf, Plenty of Resources, Thesis & CV Templates, MendelyDesktop, Presentations, 100% support for Queries

What you will learn

TexStudio and Overleaf Latex Enviornments

Text Formatting, Mathematical Equations & Algorithms, Figures, Tables

Latex Template for PhD and Dissertation Reports, CV / Resume, Posters

Research Tools – MendelyDesktop, TableGenerator, etc.

Effective Bibliography Managment

High quality PPT presentations using Beamer

Complete help and support for Latex queries and issues

5 Hours of Videos comprising various demonstrations

Many LaTeX template files and resources


Latex is freely available high quality type-setting system. The course teaches all concepts in step by step manner with help of examples. Course Content are as follows :

1) Introduction

2) Installation of Latex – Miktex and TexStudio.

3) Overleaf Online Latex Editor

4) Basic Text Formatting – Paragraphs, Sections, Sub-sections, Formatting text (Bold, Italics, etc.), Lists

5) Mathematical Equations and Algorithms

6) Figures and Tables

7) Bibliography and References

8) Prepare Scientific Report in Latex From Scratch  – Page setup and Preparing Table of Contents, List of Tables, etc.

9) Latex Presentations Using Beamer Overleaf Templates

10) Advanced Topics – Working with Templates, Split Large Document in Parts

For technical queries please feel free to contact me. It is my pleasure to help you.


Following are feedback shared about the Course by students :

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@Anand Sudhir Shivade :

I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and layed out, easy for me to follow also The lectures are very interesting and make me eager to listen. The lectures are with real-time examples so I am able to understand better.

@Carlos Mendiola :

It was explained very well, it was consistent and long enough to get a good sight about the LaTeX environment.

@Hassan Jari :

A Great course for learning LaTeX from Basic to Advanced Level. I learned a lot from it’s better than many Latex courses and youtube tutorials. I have recommended it to my friends and colleagues and I recommended it to anyone wanted to learn Latex. Thank you Dr. Sndeep for providing a great course Thank you so much for such a useful course.

@Ronnie John A. Pascua

The course is detailed. I’ve learned a lot.

@Roger :

Nice course for starting with latex and getting knowledge of advanced topics. Covers almost everything which is required to use LaTeX in practical. The instructor solved my queries promptly.

@Suhel Sayyad :

Course is well structured. It is recommended for all researchers, students who are new to Latex to take this course. Every concept is well demonstrated with proper justification. The instructor’s style of teaching is appealing and comes out like a story telling experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO TAKE THE COURSE..!!



Introduction to Latex
Setup Latex Enviornment
Install MikTex Latex Distribution
Install TexStudio Latex Editor
Use TexStudio to Compile and Build Document
Latex Basics
Latex Commands and Tex File Structure
Preparing First Latex Document
Basic Text Formatting
Creating Lists in Latex
Mathematical Equations and Algorithms
Introduction to Mathematical Enviornments
Mathematical Symbols
Building Blocks of Mathematical Equations
Latex Demo of Mathematical Equations
Algorithms and Pseudocodes
Latex Demo of Sample Algorithm
Few More Examples of Algorithms
Figures and Tables
Figures in Latex
Latex Demo of Figures
Tables in Latex
Latex Demo of Tables
Tables using TexStudio
Latex Tables Simplified
Bibliography and Reference Management in Latex
Basics of Managing References in Latex
Creating .bib File
Managing References in Latex Advanced Features
Referencing Simplified using Mendeley Desktop
Scientific Report Writing in Latex
Step-wise Plan for Scientific Report Writing in Latex
Packages Required for Report Writing
Important Document & Page-level Setting
Demo Part 1 : Apply Document-level Settings
Demo Part 2 : Prepare First Page of Report
Demo Part 3 : Prepare Title Pages
Demo Part 4 : Add Sample Chapters in Report
Demo Part 5 : References and List of Publications
Demo Part 6 : Prepare Index Pages
Demo Part 7 : Complete Template for Writing Scientific Reports
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