Latest 2022 – PMP Real Practice Exams – Volume 2

This course is prepared based on latest PMP exam content outline, PMBOK 7th edition, PMBOK 6th edition, Agile Guide

What you will learn

PMP aspirants

Project Management professionals

Agile coaches


Project managers


Latest 2022 – PMP Real Practice Exams – Volume 2 Course Cover PMBOK 6th Edition, PMBOK 7th Edition Agile Practice Guide, First Three Chapters, All 10 Knowledge Areas, Change Management Questions, Earned Value Management Questions, Mathematical Questions, Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Examination Content Outline, For January 2021 Exam Update, Multiple-Choices, Multiple Responses, Matching, Hotspots, Agile, And Limited Fill-In-The Blanks Practice Questions With Detailed Explanations Based On PMBOK 6th Edition, PMBOK 7th Edition. (PMP) ® Examination Content Outline, For January 2021 Exam, + Agile Practice Guide by PMI And Other Sources.

These practice exams cover 180 questions with detailed explanations.

These practice exams are created to provide the real PMP Exam experience, and it will provide you the confidence to pass the Real PMP Exam. Also, it will lead you to close the project management knowledge gaps.

After solving each mock exam, you have to understand all the explanations carefully, it will close knowledge gaps, clear concepts, helps to understand the project management, and pass the PMP Exam.

If you are planning to appear for the PMP Exam, this course is a very good choice to help to pass the PMP exam on your first attempt.

The course contains:

Latest 2022 – PMP Real Practice Exams – Volume 1 Set I – 60 questions

Latest 2022 – PMP Real Practice Exams – Volume 1 Set II – 60 questions

Latest 2022 – PMP Real Practice Exams – Volume 1 Set III – 60 questions

3 Mocks Containing all the knowledge areas, Agile, Change management, Earned Value management, Hybrid/ Adaptive. Waterfall/Predictive Lifecycle Questions:

All 10 Knowledge Areas:

– Project Integration Management

– Project Scope Management

– Project Schedule Management

– Project Cost Management

– Project Quality Management

– Project Resource Management

– Project Communications Management

– Project Risk Management

– Project Procurement Management

– Project Stakeholder Management

– Change Management Questions

– Earned Value Management/Mathematical Questions

– Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Examination Content Outline, For January 2021 Exam Update Agile Practice Questions

– It contains Multiple-Choices, Multiple Responses, Matching, hotspots, Agile, Hybrid and incremental lifecycle Practice Questions.

Note: These practice exams are tough and it gives sense of a real exam environment.

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– 70-80% of the questions are SITUATIONAL/SCENARIO based!

– Timed simulation to provide you the actual feel of the PMP exam in the new format

The best way to use this course:

Study each knowledge area from the PMBOK Guide 6th edition/ PMBOK Guide 7th edition Rita/Head First/Andy Crowe etc.

Take the quiz for the knowledge area and check your answers.

Document Lessons Learned for each incorrect answer and refer your study material (If required).

Best Practices while attempting these Mocks:

– You can pause the test in between and resume the test later.

For the first attempt, the passing score for each quiz is 75%.

– In case if you score low, for example, 60% or so, we recommend you to re-study the same topic and retake the same test after 1-2 weeks. (Passing score for second attempt will be 80%)

Questions are situational, calculations, diagrams, and web URLs.

– Before attempting the New ECO exam, Make sure you understand it from PMI website.

– Before Attempting Agile questions, understand the Agile Practice Guide from PMBOK 6th Edition.

– You can retake any of these mocks after the revision.

Who this course is for:

· Individuals Who Want To Achieve The PMP Certification

· Project Managers

· IT Project Managers

· Managers

· Leaders

· Professionals Seeking Promotions

· Professionals Seeking Advance Level In Career

Happy Learning and Best Wishes!!!


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