KNIME for beginners “A Practical Insight”

KNIME for beginners

What you will learn

To create visual workflows for data analytics with an intuitive, drag and drop style graphical interface

To model each step of your data analysis, control the flow of data, and ensure work is always current.

To provide analytical reports to the top management for strategic planning and implementation

To know the art of big data analysis and to practically make use of the available data in a useful manner


KNIME helps individuals and organizations make sense of data. KNIME Software bridges the worlds of dashboards and advanced analytics. Welcome to the course on KNIME for beginners “A practical Insight” This course will help the users explore the KNIME software, understand its different features, help in performing small to complicated analysis. In addition, the course will give a hands on practical experience to explore different dataset’s. This course will guide the users to different repositories and also provide an opportunity to critically think, provide practical solutions for organizational growth and development. KNIME is most suitable for different organizations and departments where the available data can be converted into meaningful insights for growth and sustainability. KNIME allows users to visually create data flows (or pipelines), selectively execute some or all analysis steps, and later inspect the results, models, using interactive widgets and views. The KNIME platform is an open platform where there are no barriers during usage and provides the visualizes and insights to execute their operations efficiently. It helps in taking the decision wisely and working efficiently. The platform blends the data from any source and shapes them according to the usage of them in the operations. It also leverages machine learning and AI. It also assists in sharing insights and discovering the facts and information related to business activities. An individual can easily access and deploy the KNIME analytics by using the nodes and taking the courses at a different level. With the advanced machine learning algorithms, one can take the knowledge for operations. KNIME provides a lot of freedom for the users to play with the data which is available with them. Individuals have to first learn the basics in KNIME and then start exploring by themselves.

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Introduction to data science, KNIME and its features and functions

Introduction to data science, KNIME and its various features and functions

Introduction to KNIME

Starting with KNIME (Download, Install and explore)

Recollecting Knowledge

Recollecting some basic knowledge about KNIME

Exploring KNIME Website and all the facilities which can be used

Steps to establish a project in KNIME
Recollecting knowledge on “KNIME Website and different attributes”

Creating a new KNIME project

Jumpstart your analysis by creating a workflow for your project

Exploring the workflow coach in KNIME

Uses of a workflow coach in KNIME
File reader node in KNIME
Recollecting knowledge on “Workflow coach”

Exploring the file reader Node in KNIME

Nodes AND its features in KNIME

Column rename in KNIME

Column rename in KNIME

Integer and String in KNIME

Integer and string in KNIME

Missing values in KNIME

Missing values in KNIME and how to solve it

Group-by and Row filter NODE in KNIME

Group-by and Row filter NODE in KNIME

Concatenation in KNIME

Concatenation in KNIME

Aggregation using KNIME

Aggregation in KNIME

Multiple Nodes in KNIME (Basic Hands on training)

Multiple nodes in KNIME

Links to Data repository

Data repository

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