Kali Linux For Ethical Hackers and Penetration Testers

Learn Kali Linux commands from scratch to the advanced hackers level.

What you will learn

Fully undestand what Linux is and learn the important definistions.

Use Kali Linux Terminal with high skills like real world hackers

Change the accounts passwords through the Command Line Interface

Print and change the directories on the Command Line Interface like a pro hacker

List files and directories through the Command Line Interface with the necessary options and easily understand each point of the command output

Understand sudo and run super user accounts through standard users shells.

Move, copy, rename, hide and unhide files and directories like a pro

Create directories recursively and non recursively

Learn how to remove files and directories through the command line interface

Learn how to Reuse the command lines easily even if you didn’t use the same command line for a while without the need to retype the whole command line again

Identify the current user on your Kali Linux or on the system that you hacked

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Identify the current system and get deeper details, whether it is your system or the hacked device.

Learn how to easily create hard and soft links and their importance for hacking

Compress and uncompress files and directories.

We update the course regurlary to continually expand your knowledge


Do you want to fully understand and learn the Kali Linux commands easily and use them like pro hackers?

Hello, my name is Mostafa Ahmad, I’m an expert Ethical Hacker and Cybersecurity Engineer with over seven years of experience, with a successful track record and high effectiveness. I’m more than happy to deliver completely my successful experience through my courses.

Throughout this course, you will get the course eBook for free and take two practice tests to check and enhance your knowledge and make your acquired skills and knowledge indelible besides I will of course answer any question you have to harden your skills and knowledge and help you step by step in your learning journey.

Here is what you will learn throughout this course: <Please read all of them as it is a list of all the points inside of the course>

  • Easily understand what Linux is
  • Easily understand Important definitions.
  • How to install virtual machines and bypass all the common issues.
  • Fully understanding the Kali graphical interface.
  • Understanding what the terminal is and how to use and customize it.
  • How to change the users password using the command line
  • How to run the superuser shell through standard users shell
  • Ability to install any tool or software through the terminal.
  • How to update and upgrade your system.
  • How to print the present working directory through the shell.
  • How to navigate through the system files and directories quickly and efficeintly like pro hackers
  • How to list files and directories with the necessary options and understand each point of the command line result.
  • How to Read and create files directly through the terminal.
  • How to effectively use the nano tool.
  • How to echo strings to files.
  • How to move files and directories with hacking skills.
  • How to rename files and directories
  • How to hide or unhide files and directories.
  • How to copy files and directories with hacking skills.
  • How create directories recursively and non-recursively.
  • How to remove files or directories.
  • How identify the currently working user on your system and your target.
  • How Iyo identify the current working system whether it is your system or the device you hacked and get deeper details.
  • How to easily reuse any command line without the need to retype the whole command line.
  • How to best use the help option and manual command.

Learning should be enjoyable and full of valuable information. This course has been designed with great care to ease learning and get the best outcome and you will find me very responsive to any question you ask me to help step by step with your learning journey.





Learn what linux is

Section introduction
What is Linux?
Linux distros
Quiz No.1

Setup the environment

Section Introduction
Virtual machine
Installing VirtualBox
Installing our Kali Linux
Configuring our kali on VB
Creating the first snapshot
Quiz No.2

The midtest

The first practice test

Kali Linux

Section introduction
Kali graphical interface
Kali Linux terminal
Change users password
The root user
Install any tool through the terminal
Remove Installed tools
Update and upgrade your kali
Quiz No.3

Basic linux commands

Section introduction
The command line
Root user on standard users shell
Present Working Directory
Change Directory
List files and directories
Quiz NO.4

Reading and creating files

Section introduction
Quiz NO.5

Moving and copying

Section introduction
Moving, renaming and hiding
Copy files and directories
Quiz NO.6

Create and remove

Section introduction
Make Directory
Quiz NO.7

The final test

The final practice test

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