Introduction to Voice Dialogue with Bridgit Dengel Gaspard

Unlock Personal Freedom By Learning the Wisdom and Concerns of Your Inner Selves

Define Voice Dialogue.

Outline the uses of this dynamic process and life tool.

Learn about primary selves.

Learn how to tune into your inner selves.

Experience a Voice Dialogue facilitation.


  • This course welcomes all levels of experience, including being brand new to Voice Dialogue.
  • All you need is your device, access to the internet and a journal and pen to take notes.
  • Ideally, find a comfortable, private place to learn.


Instead of personal development feeling like toxic positivity, what if could be an incredible, life-changing adventure where all of who you are belongs? Where breakthroughs don’t mean you have to hide parts of yourself?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a tool that supported  awareness, perspective, clarity, and creativity. There is. It’s called Voice Dialogue.

In this introductory course, learn the transformational process of meeting your own symphony of inner selves in order to uncover the wisdom you’ve held inside all along. People begin their Voice Dialogue journey for any number of reasons, including needing to explore an inner tug-of-war, having relationship, career, financial and health issues and desires, life transitions–big and small, and being stuck.

Voice Dialogue is a potent and innovative direct-action tool based on the premise that a healthy personality consists of many different inner selves. Sadly though, we’re often made to feel that we have to choose to be one particular kind of person to get love and approval, which is limiting, creates blocks and fuels self-doubt and low self-esteem. The competing inner agendas that naturally result, force us to disown our uniqueness, reducing our ability to bring forth our singular gifts which are so needed in this world.

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Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • We’ll define Voice Dialogue
  • We’ll outline its uses
  • We’ll learn about the primary selves
  • We’ll learn how to tune into your inner selves
  • We will do a Voice Dialogue facilitation

Without access to our different sub-personalities, we’re cut off from vital parts of ourselves which robs us of our natural intelligence, creativity, and confidence as well as of our sources of energy. As the secret and powerful intentions of our Inner Selves are disclosed, Voice Dialogue is a key to unsolved puzzles that have plagued people, sometimes for years.

All of the exercises in this course have been road-tested with myself, my clients, my students, and my workshop participants who have all benefited, whether they were struggling with finding their assertive alter egos to deal with a bullying boss, wanting to find their life partner, uncovering their different selves related to money, how to manage parenthood or get in shape and improve their health, the list goes on.

Voice Dialogue has a ton of practical uses. Performing artists and creatives use it to access their imagination. Professionals in the mental health and wellbeing fields such as counselors, body workers, coaches, and other healers also use this technique to empower themselves, and to share it with their clients.

On the 3rd Thursday of each month at 8 pm (ET), bring your questions about Voice Dialogue to my LIVE learning lab. Watch a live Voice Dialogue facilitation, join in a great group exercise, and get your questions answered.

This course is only for educational and inspirational purposes.

Who this course is for:

  • This is for creatives, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, performing artists and writers as Voice Dialogue sparks creativity and innovative thinking.
  • This is for professionals in the mental health and wellbeing fields such as coaches, counselors, body workers, and other healers to empower themselves, and to share with their clients.
  • This is good for people who want to get a better understanding of their inner workings, their emotions and motivations, especially if they’re feeling stuck and want to jumpstart a break-through.
  • This is good for anyone wanting to improve their public speaking, a key to career advancement.
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