Introduction to Computer Science

Understand the basic concepts behind Computers, Programming Languages, Latest Frameworks and Job Opportunities

What you will learn

Understand about computer

Understand about computer hardware

Understand about computer software

Understand about computer uses

Understand about latest framework

Understand about job opportunities


Welcome to Introduction to Computer Science Course.

In this Computer Science course, We aim to help you understand Computer Science by explaining to you what goes into it and covering some areas of Computer Science. So you can get a feel for it.

We cover some topics. Such as,

  • What is a computer
  • Computer uses ( In Education , In Health Sector, In Agriculture, In Backing System )
  • Computer components such as Motherboard, CPU (Central Processing Unit), RAM ( Random Access Memory) , Hard-Drive ( Magnetic Plate Hard Drive / Solid State Hard Drive ).
  • Computer software such as System Software ( Windows , MacOS, Ubuntu ) , Utility Software ( Virus Guard, Data Recovery Software ) application software ( MS word , Zoom ).
  • Computer programming Languages ( Machine Level Programming Language, Assembly Level Programming Language and High Level Programming Languages such as JS , C , C++, C# , Java
  • Latest Frameworks such as Vue, React , Angular )
  • What are tools used in computer industry ( Figma , Adobe XD, Balasmiq, Docker, Jenkins , Git and Puppet )

Finally we discuss what are the job opportunities in computer science field. such as,

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  • Full Stack Developer
  • Front-end Engineer
  • UI – UX Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Data Sciencist
  • Software Architect
  • Network Security Engineer

You will have a solid understanding of the most important concepts in computer science and programming at the end of this course.

Thank you for joining with Us .



Introduction to Computer Science

What is a Computer
Computer Uses
Computer Components
Computer Software
Computer Programming
Job Opportunities

Introduction to Computer Programming

What is a Variable ?
What is an Array ?
What is a Functions?
Conditional Statements

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