Introduction to Amibroker & AFL (Amibroker Formula Language)

First step toward systematic trading. Trading in markets with zero emotions.

What you will learn

Introduction to Amibroker & AFL programming

How to import data in Amibroker

How to use AFL editor & Analysis tab

How arrays work in AFL

Exploration & scanning

Back testing & optimization

Stepping toward system trading


This course is created for the beginner level traders who just want to start their career in systematic trading or for the traders who just want a shift from their discretionary trading.

Why system based trading?

According to many of the surveys and studies happened in the past we got to a point that more than 95% of retail loose money  in the markets. Multiple factors are the reason for the same, but some of the biggest one are the emotions i.e. fear and greed. We can’t overcome that completely but can reduce them to some extent with system based trading, where all the entries, exits, profit and  loss booking are decided prior of taking the trades.

Amibroker software is used heavily for the purpose of  explanation. Learnings provided in this course can also be applied on the trial version of amibroker. There is no compulsion of licensed version.

Key learning of the course to operate this tool effectively:

Database handling

How to handle split & merger of stocks

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Classes that AFL understands

How arrays work in AFL

No prior knowledge about programming or AFL?

No Problem

We will start from the basics of programming language. Concepts like how AFL works and what are the things we should keep in mind as trader will also be covered, so that we can use coding part of AFL in our favor as a market participant.

See you in the course!



Introduction To Amibroker

What we are going to learn in this course ?
Sources to learn Amibroker
Creating new database & importing historical data
How to use non adjusted data in amibroker
How to download trial version of amibroker

Basics of AFL (Amibroker Formula Language)

Introduction to language & classes that AFL recognizes
Arrays ( Data structure used by AFL)
First glance of AFL editor
Difference between exploration, scanning, back test & optimization
Back testing in amibroker
Things to keep in mind as a trader

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