Interactive Sales Dashboard in Excel

By:- Anshuman Tandon (Excel Man)

What you will learn

Learn to build an Interactive Sales Dashboard in Excel

Advance Excel Sumifs & Index Match Function

Excel Charts

Conditional Formatting in Excel


Are you a professional using Excel on a daily basis in your tasks, If yes, then this is the course for you!

This course is going to transform the way you are using Excel by giving you an understanding of the Microsoft Excel – Interactive Sales Dashboard in Excel, by which you will be able to analyze complex data in Excel very easily.

Why this course is worth joining??

This course is worth your attention because in this course we are going to make those things possible in Excel which seems nearly impossible to you till now, also we will be solving complex problems live in this course by using Excel so that your vision of using excel will be changed, after that we will see how experts work in Excel to reduce their hours of working using Excel features.

By the completion of the course you’ll be able to:

1. An Interactive Excel Dashboard for your data using advanced excel tricks

Course Delivery:-

The delivery of the course will be via the online dashboard of Udemy. All the videos, resources, PDFs, PPTs, Excel Workbooks, and case studies will be uploaded there for quick access of participants.


Although there are no fixed eligibility criteria but deep desire to learn Excel is required. With this, anyone with the basic knowledge of using Excel can join.

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The course continues with 1.5 hours of videos and Excel Exercise Workbooks

Salient features of Interactive Sales Dashboard in Excel:-

1. Completely online, no bar on access. You can access it anytime and from anywhere

2. Everything is discussed with an example & detailed cases so that practical situations. Issues in its applicability faced by the industries and businesses are covered and discussed with a solution

3. Working Files are shared so that it will be easy for the students to perform their practice

4. Every aspect is discussed with practical files & real-life problems

5. A lot of tricks & cases are discussed so that way of using Excel can be changed





Steps in Creating Dashboard

Step 1 – Choose a location & create excel
Step 2 – Get Data
Step 3 – Identify Required Calculations
Step 4 – Making the calculations
Step 5 – Make Specific Dashboard Calculations
Step 6 – Dashboard Preparation Part 1
Step 7 – VBA Coding
Step 8 – Dashboard Preparation Part 2

Next Steps

Next Steps
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