Improve Your Communication with These 9 Simple Rules

Essentials skills to improve your communication in the workplace, at home, and in all your relationships!

What you will learn

How to Improve Your Communication at Work, in Your Personal Life, and in Relationships

How to Give Feedback or Constructive Criticism that actually lands

How to Have Difficult Conversations

How to be Pro-active in Your Communication and Avoid Awkward Situations

How to be a Better Listener


This course will teach you how to communicate your ideas, how to improve your interactions with other people, and help you change your approach to difficult conversations and awkward situations! By implementing the strategies in this course, you will develop your professional/workplace skills and also improve your relationships – with friends, family, and your significant other.

Note: This is NOT a marketing communications course!

These 9 important lessons will change the way you think about communication and if you implement them, they will change your life!

In this course, you will learn:

– How to communicate your thoughts in a professional setting

– How to improve your communication with friends, family, and your significant other (or potential significant other)

– How to have difficult conversations

– How to frame your communication messages

– How to give feedback or constructive criticism that actually lands

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– How to be pro-active in your communication

– How to avoid awkward situations

– How to be a better listener

– How to practice active listening

No experience or special skills required, just an open mind, however, you MUST be willing to reflect upon yourself in order to bring awareness to things you’ve done in the past that aren’t working or aren’t bringing you the results you desire. Then you must implement these strategies!

EXTRA: I’m including an extra video that includes rules & tips for communication in love and relationships!

See you inside!



Lo’s 9 Communication Rules

Communication Challenges & Course Overview
Rule #1
Rule #2
Rule #3
Rule #4
Rule #5
Rule #6
Rule #7
Rule #8
Rule #9
Reflection Intro

Special Feature: Communication in Relationships

Communication Rules for Love & Relationships

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