Illustrator Essentials & Beyond – Beginning/Advance combined

All you need to know about Illustrator in no time! From basics to advanced all in one course!

What you will learn

Customize the Illustrator Workspace

Understand Vector vs Bitmap images, Illustrator file types

Learn and master drawing tools including: Shapes, Pen tool, Pencil, Direct Selection, anchor points

Learn about Color, gradients, swatches, strokes, fills, creating and editing Patterns

Learn about selection tools including Magic Wand, Eyedropper, Selection, Direct Selection,

Learn Transformation tools including Scale, Rotate, Transformation – beginning to advanced

Learn the Shape Builder tool, Pathfinder to create more advanced, complex drawings

Learn Brush Strokes options, settings and applications

Learn about typography, type settings, including Leading, Tracking, Kerning, Paragraph and Character Styles

Learn Type on a Path, 3D Type, Touch Type, Strokes on Type

Learn about Creative Cloud (CC) Libraries and Adobe Stock and organization of assets

Learn Image Tracing, Live Paint tool

Learn all about Illustrator Symbols, creating Symbols and Advanced Symbols tools

Learn about the Blending Tool

How to use Illustrator and Photoshop Effects in Illustrator

How to use Graphic Styles in Illustrator

Exporting and Packaging your Illustrator files and assets


Are you slightly intimidated by Adobe Illustrator? The dreaded Pen tool? Direct Selection vs Selection? All of the fancy color options and effects? Then this course is for you!

This course breaks things down in simple, bite-sized lessons that make each part of Illustrator easy to understand and apply.

Just a few topics that we cover are (see landing page and outline for full topic list):

· Customizing and editing the Illustrator Workspace

· The Pen tool

· Adding and editing Anchor points

· Placing bitmap objects

· Layer management

· Drawing and customizing shapes

· The Direct Selection tool for editing shapes

· Colors, swatches, gradients

· Strokes and fills

· Corner radius options

· Guides and grids

· Brushes and brush strokes

· Magic wand tool

· Keyboard shortcuts

· Eyedropper tool

· Appearance panel

· Creating and editing patterns

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· Using the Width Tool

· Using the Pencil tool

· Using the Smooth tool

· Using the Shape builder tool

· Using the Pathfinder panel

· Using the Live Paint tool

· Creative projects and assignments

· Type and typography including Tracking, Kerning, Leading

· Paragraph and Character Tyles

· Working with Artboards

· Using the Blending tool

· Image Trace

· Creative Cloud CC Libraries, how to share assets and organize content

· Graphic Styles

· Illustrator and Photoshop Effects

· Creatin g3D text and objects

· Exporting objects

· And more!




Welcome – and how to use this class!

Illustrator Overview & Introduction

Customizing the Illustrator Workspace
Panels overview
Vector vs Bitmap
Creating a New Document
Image types
New documents

Selection Techniques

The Magic Wand Tool
Selection Techniques
The Magic Wand tool
Selection tool

Drawing and Illustration Techniques

Intro to Drawing Shapes
Shapes Tips & Tricks
Direct Selection Tool
Shape Builder Tool
Intro to the Pen Tool
Guides & Grids
Intro to the Pencil Tool
Using the Smooth Tool
Using the Width Tool
Expanding Appearance in Objects in Strokes
Working with Brush Strokes – Part 1
Working with Anchor Points
Shape Building tool
Anchor Points

Type & Typography Techniques

Type and Typography
Type on a Path
Line spacing
Type on a path
Type on a path 2

Transformation & Organization – Part 1

The Scale Tool
The Rotate Tool
Scale tool
Scale or Rotate options

Layers, Artboards & The Appearance Panel

Layers Overview
Transparency & Opacity
Working with Artboards
Appearance Panel
Layers 2
Appearance panel

Colors & Gradients & Patterns

Eyedropper & Swatches
Working Swatches & Color
Working with Gradient
Freeform Gradients
Creating and Editing Patterns
Gradients 2

Advanced Illustrator

Intro to Advanced Illustrator

Live Paint & Image Trace Tools

Using the Image Trace Tool
Using Live Paint
Live paint
Live Paint 2

Working with Symbols

Intro to Symbols in Illustrator
Creating New Symbols
Advanced Symbols Tools
Creating your own symbols
Advanced Symbols

Creative Cloud (CC) Libaries and Adobe Stock

Creative Cloud (CC) Libraries
Adobe Stock for Illustrator
CC Libaries
CC Libraries 2
Adobe Stock

Advanced Type Techniques

Touch Type Tool
3D Text
Paragraph Styles
Character Styles
Touch Type
Paragraph styles

Advanced Transformation Techniques

Transformation Effect – Advanced Scaling
Transformation Effect – Advanced Rotation Tool

Creative Assignments

How to draw a Celtic Knot (Shape Builder tool exercise)
How to Create a Mandala Flower Exercise
How to use Live Paint on your Mandala

Effects & Graphic Styles

Graphic Styles in Illustrator
Blending Tool
Using, Applying and Editing Brush Strokes
Illustrator Effects Overview
Creating 3D Object – Project – Creating from Scratch…

Exporting Assets and Documents

Exporting Individual & Multiple Assets
Exporting & Packaging

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