Identifying and Reversing Alzheimer’s Problems

Understanding Dementia & Disease


What You Will Learn

Understand the three main causes of progressive memory loss

Develop insights about toxins, lifestyle and genetic factors linked to memory problems

Learn remedies for reversing serious memory losses

Improve memory issues related to dementia.


  • Those concerned about memory problems and preventing as well reversing cognitive declines and loss.


Master the basics about what goes wrong in our brains when memory problems develop.

Understand the three major causes of Alzheimer’s disease. That is, inflammation from infections and poor diets or lifestyle habits. A decline and shortage of key nutrients as well as fewer hormones and a deficit of molecules that protect our brains. And, finally, toxic substances such as metals or biotoxins (i.e., poisons produced by microbes) from molds or contract with poisons in the environment.

Learn about the latest research on preventing and reversing cognitive decline. Learn about genetic predispositions. You can reverse even these influences, if you act early and take an aggressive stand against the changes. We will learn about the RECODE schema developed at UCLA. Memory issues are not inevitable. We will delve into the specific techniques and lifestyle strategies that researchers at a major research university are using to reverse early to mid-stage memory loss.

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Take a cognitive assessment test to determine the status of your own memory. This test is known as MOCA or the Montreal Cognitive Assessment instrument. It enables you to: use your working memory to work through simple math challenges as well as recall common objects, verbal statements and to copy images. You will also work through alphabetical reversals, recall words with specific letter prompts and information about the current date and time. The entire assessment can be completed in as little as 15-20 minutes. There’s an adjustment for one’s level of education and a scale for determining where you score relative to the danger zone of true memory deficits. Get your results and know where you stand.

There’s also information about the effects of stress (due to unemployment, divorce, family changes and sleep loss) as well as insulin resistance, metabolics and lack of activity on our capacity to recall information and data. Understand the various sorts of examinations (e.g., DNA tests) that can be undertaken to evaluate your performance across a range of areas.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to understand and protect their own memories as well as the minds of those they know and love

Course content

2 sections • 14 lectures • 1h 12m total length

  • Welcome to my Course on Memory Problems


  • Memory Exercise


  • Brain Changes that lead to Memory Problems


  • Genetic Causes of Cognitive Problems


  • Lifestyle Causes of Memory Problems


  • Ways to Prevent Memory Loss


  • 5 – Relieving and Reversing Memory Problems


  • 6 – Other Remedies for Memory Loss and Decline


  • 7 – Measuring and Improving Cognitive Abilities


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