How to use 3d models for drawing – Clip studio paint

Digital art


What You Will Learn

how to use the controls for the 3d models

how to draw using 3d models as reference or as a base to draw on top of

how to pose 3d models

how to make different body types that you can re-use in future illustrations


  • You’ll need clip studio paint (pro or Ex version)


Learn how to use 3d models tools in clip studio paint to draw characters and environments for your illustrations. This course will teach you how to use the controls for the 3d models, camera, as well as how to make different body types and poses that you can re-use on your future illustrations. You will be able to design characters as well as create dynamic camera angles with the correct perspective and proportions.

This is an intermediate level course so you should know some basics about the program before you decide to join. Basics like knowing how to create a new document and some basics on how to navigate the program. This course will mainly focus on the 3D features in clip studio paint so we won’t focus on brushes or many of the other tools the program has.

The course includes videos about posing 3d models, changing body types, adding light and shadow, adding external 3d models, making a 3d scene as well as demos to show you some examples of how you can use the 3d models to draw your characters and backgrounds.

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3D is becoming more and more essential for illustration, specially in digital art. I think this will be a very useful class and it can help you improve your art and your workflow to make drawing easier and faster.

Who this course is for:

  • Digital artist who want to learn to use 3D models in clip studio paint

Course content

3 sections • 20 lectures • 1h 37m total length

  • Basic camera controls


  • Posing controls part 1


  • Posing controls part 2


  • Saving poses


  • Posing hands


  • External 3d models


  • 3D model settings


  • Light and shadow


  • Customize body types


  • Saving different body types


  • Changing scale


  • 3D model perspective


  • Adding props to characters


  • Moving 3d models around


  • Creating a 3D scene


  • All sides view (EX version only)


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