How To Trade Order Blocks, Order Flow and Fair Value Gaps

How To Trade Order Blocks, Order Flow and Fair Value Gaps with Qml

What you will learn

How To Trade Mitigation Block and Breaker

How To Trade Order Blocks, FVG, Liquidity Voids and QML

How to trade advance qml with supply and demand

Order Flow Trading

Swing Trading Strategy

How to trade qml with Ftr


These Courses Will Cover The Following Trading Concepts:

  • Order Block Trading Concepts [From what is an order block and how to trade order blocks]
  • Mitigation Block and Breaker Trading Concepts [What is a breaker and a mitigation block and how to trade them]
  • Qml Trading Concepts [from what is a qml and how to trade it]
  • Advance Qml Trading Concepts with supply and demand trading concept
  • Qml Trading with Order Blocks

This Course is made with Love and we hope it will help you in your trading journey. The understanding of institutional trading concepts is contrary to retail trading concepts, therefore, is in a position to forget what you learn in retail trading concepts and purely focus on institutional trading concepts to avoid confusion. The purpose of this course is simply to make you an informed trader when it comes to trading.

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These Trading Concepts can be applied to Stock Market Trading, Index Trading Like Nasdaq, Synthetic index trading like Vix 75, and Forex Trading. Feel Free to backtest everything you have learned in this course and see if it’s worth it. all the trading concepts are applicable in small and bigger time frames. Good luck and we wish you a Good Trading Career from Ghosttraders.





QML Trading Trading Concepts

Advance QML Trading

Order Block Trading Concepts

What is an Order Block In Forex Trading?
Order Block Entries , SL and Tp
Order Flow Trading
Trading Order Blocks ,FVG ,Liquidity Voids and QML

How To Trade Mitigation Block and Breakers

How To Trade Mitigation Block and Breakers

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