How to stay young always without going to Gym

Learn to manage your weight, learn to increase your memory power, learn new ways of working out without equipment’s


What You Will Learn

Learn new exercises to keep you fit

Learn new ways of keeping yourself fit without going to the gym

Learn how to teach others the right way of doing workouts

Learn to keep your body and mind powerful

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Learn to Improve functioning of your Brains Hippocampus area and also learn how to increase memory power and mood. Prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

This is a Day by Day, step-by-step exercises posted with Videos and Instruction on PDF’s


  • Anyone and Everyone can do this course But Follow Instructions
  • These exercises can be done by people with special challenges.


This is a Fitness program for working Individuals both Gents and ladies aged 40 and above. The Workouts designed in this course are simple home workouts without using any Gym Equipment’s. These exercises are designed after 2 decades of workout experience. By following the Course you can Improve your Heart Health, Prevent Diabetes, Improve Muscle Strength, Increase Flexibility, Improve Digestion, Improve Oxygen Intake, Better Joint Functioning, Improve Balance and Posture. Improve your mental Focus and Mood. Improve Memory retention. Prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia and other Cognitive Diseases.

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Fitness assessment test is also provided so that you could plan a goal for yourself.

Stay fit and active to stay young. This program is designed to be done at home at the shortest time available with you.

The course has workouts designed for the entire body focusing on each and every Muscle in your system. You can strengthen your skeletal muscles, Smooth Muscles and your cardiac muscles by following this course. You can improve your breathing performance to increase the Oxygen flow in your body. This course if followed and done on a regular basis can give amazing results.

You can expect to manage your weight also by following this on a regular basis. This course can improve the performance of the Hippocampus in your brain which is responsible for memory retention and moods. When you do physical exercise you can increase the neuro-transmitters and the brain cells.

Who this course is for:

  • All men and women above the age of 12
  • Office goers with less or no time for workout, workout from Home at your leisure

Course content

1 section • 18 lectures • 1h 36m total length

  • Why you Should be Active and Fit


  • Practical Video of Day 1


  • Practical Video of Day 2


  • Practical Video of Day 4


  • Practical Video of Day 5


  • Practical Video of Day 7


  • Practical Video of Day 8


  • Practical Video of Day 8


  • Practical Video of Day 10


  • Practical Video of Day 11


  • Practical Video of Day 12


  • Practical Video of Day 14


  • Practical Video of Day 15


  • Practical Video of Day 16


  • Practical Video of Day 18


  • Practical Video of Day 19


  • Practical Video of Day 20


  • Practical Video of Day 21


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