How to sell affiliate Products in USA for free-Cold Calling

Target 10000’s of Potential Prospects in USA to sell any types of affiliate products (Free Leads, Calling apps included)

What you will learn

Sell all Affiliate Products to 10000+ potential prospects in USA through a real business model-BPO/Call Center

Help the learners(Online entrepreneurs/Affiliate marketers/Digital marketers) to sell any affiliate marketing products/Online digital products

Make a list/database of emails of all the potential buyers by calling to them for Free Email updates

Target the affiliate marketing products directly to 1000’s of people available in USA.

Sell any Digital Product or, Digital Service you want without any investment by simply calling 1000’s of prospects daily

Reach up to 1000’s of people everyday who can buy your affiliate products or, digital service.

Find real customers who can buy Digital marketing services like- SEO, SMM, Blog service, Video editing service etc.

Useful for making Customers for Website development/maintenance services

An indirect method to improve English Fluency at International Level

An indirect method to improve Speaking and Listening Skill for IELTS/TOEFL

Call Center Training-Live Training & Practice(outbound process)


If you can speak English, then this method is the best to run up to a 100 seater free call center with family and friends to sell the affiliate products in the USA for free.

This is the most unique course that includes not just training on marketing but also includes free calling set up, 10000 leads, Multiple calling free apps, demos on calling that will help you for the successful marketing of all types of affiliate products in the USA to sell products through cold-call marketing like the BPO/Call Center method/industry (Outbound Concept).

Get Free Setup, Leads, Calling Apps & Training here. This course is meant fr those who want to sell products by calling them from home.

Get ready now! Sit at home, set up a personal Call Center like international BPO, and start selling all your Affiliate Products & Digital Services with zero cost investment. Sell whatever you want.

Mission: Million Millionaires– till/before 2030, I want to empower at least 10 million people in the world through ‘Edplodia’ who have at least one employment option in hand for sure to sell all types of affiliate marketing products of the world for a living without investing a single penny on products or, on marketing or, selling the products(Except hard work). The only course in the world that provides you free Setup with training to help you get a Personal Home-based Call Centre. For this, I am providing everything You want- Affiliate products of the world to sell for free, Leads, setup, Free Web calling Apps, Moblie Calling App for Free, Sales & Marketing skills, English language improvement program. I have to make sure that not a single person should be there in any country who says-I have no employment option; Get one, I have here for you and start making money. I can equip you and am already ready to equip by charging almost no money/95% discount.

“Not a single person in the world should ever be unemployed-Vishwajayanth Adhiraj”.

Personal home-based call center– The best way to reach 100’s potential buyers to sell all types of affiliate products of the world. This course not only teaches you in affiliate marketing but also provides you all the necessary equipment/resources such as-a free web calling app with unlimited minutes, free 10,000 leads every month, setup, sales pitch, demos, etc. on how to sell affiliate products/other digital products to 1000’s of customers in the USA with how to set up Affiliate accounts of various affiliate marketplace too. It means you learn here and in order to execute to get results, you get all the necessary resources and requisite setup to work from home or, office from anywhere in the world.

The outsourcing industry, Software Company’s, Web development agencies around the world know that Calling is the best option to reach 200-300’s of potential customers every day to sell digital/affiliate products in the USA. This course provides you a Home-based personal Call Center Training for absolutely no extra cost. This concept is a perfect example of Call-centres in India like HSBC, Infosys, Wipro, Genpact, WNS, Concentrix, Firstsource, Convergys 24/7, etc. where thousands of employees work for these companies to sell their products in the USA.

The Concept used here in this course is based on a work from home concept at the Entrepreneur level. Since the Course Creator, Mr. Shyam Kumar, had his first startup company where he with his 16 members of the team used to sell the affiliate products of Avangate long back in 2014. The same method and concept are being shared here to empower Affiliate marketers around the world to sell all types of affiliate products with zero investment.

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In this course, you will learn to sell all types of Affiliate Products by setting a free personal BPO call center at home without any investment. The only basic requirement is a computer or, laptop, an Internet connection, a mic-enabled headset. This course provides you the freedom to sell affiliate products from anywhere in the world in the USA, UK, and in other English Countries of the World.

How this course is Amazing:

*Free upgrade with new and fresh content from time to time. It means the content in this course is not limited. Every time you come back you may get amazed with new content that will enrich your learning to move with more confidence. The motive behind the course is not to sell the course but to empower learners around the world to be skilled in the respective field for a better career*.

Get this course and you will never regret it!

This course replaces Indian Giants like HSBC, Genpact, Convergys, Infosys BPO, WNS, First Source Solutions, TCS BPO, Wipro BPO, Aegis Ltd. like top companies. The only difference here is that- In these top companies, there is an AUTO-dial Option through the server; here you’ll have to do manual dialing but again the whole amount of revenue that you’ll generate will totally be yours. You just need to pick the top Affiliate products from Click Bank, Digital River, Avangate, My Commerce, etc. to sell.

Why Cold-Calling to Customers is the best option to sell a product-

  1. The best thing is that there is no running daily/weekly or, a monthly investment of money that generally scares the affiliate marketers; the only thing you put forth is your effort and hard work with your skills,
  2. Money is inversely proportional to Hard work; hence, a true business and real business platform,
  3. Through calling you can reach 100’s potential buyers every day,
  4. You can introduce a new product,
  5. You can provide offers  to customers by calling them,
  6. you can collect emails to make an Email database for Email Marketing,
  7. You can grow your business by maintaining real-time customer service,
  8. You can pick any hour to work,
  9. It is an active marketing method where you care for customers before the sale and after the sale- a real-time business.
  10. There is a huge opportunity and it will never go down. You have several opportunities to pitch for your products.
  11. This option is always available in all sorts of businesses in the world. No business can survive without a strong customer care service.

…there can be several positive things lying to this side.

Note: In India, 20% (3,50,000+ employees)of the total Labour Force in the overall Indian Job sector is supported by the outsourcing businesses where young talented youth work in BPO, LPO & KPO through various Call-centres. Billions of Dollars of business in India are done through the same method which includes BPO, KPO, Web marketing agencies, Software Companies.




Introduction: Why Affiliate Marketing through Cold-Calling
Introduction: Why Calling is a good choice to sell digital/Affiliate Products-P2
Introduction: Why Calling is a good choice to sell digital/Affiliate Products-P3

How to Pitch to Customers over the Sales Call

How to Pitch over the Call

How to Set up- A Home based Call Center

Step-1/2: Set-up the KEKU Account (a free web app)
Step-2/2: Set up Excel Sheet of Leads with Calling App KEKU (side by side)

Demo Call-USA

Demo Call-USA
Getting Local Helpline No. & Best time to call
Product Presentation through (Various Affiliate Links on Blogger)
Get a Free Click Bank affiliate account to sell products through cold-calling
Make an Email-database to Promote the Affiliate Products through Email Marketing

Enroll for Free

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