How to LOVE your day job and supercharge your LIFE

Reinvigorate your work life so that EVERY area of your life soars with success.

What you will learn

Learn how to INVEST your time at work proactively instead of SPENDING it with dread

Learn how to LOVE the THIRD of your life that you are at work

Learn how to alchemise NEGATIVE work place situations

Learn how to CHANGE your paradigms about work and watch as the other areas in your life are SUPERCHARGED


“How to LOVE your Day Job” is an inspiring and thought provoking program to help you love what you do each day so that you can make the most of each day and above all HAVE FUN. We have taken the best from our 30 year recruitment industry knowledge and teamed that with advice and learnings from the greatest personal and professional development mentors to put together a framework and strategies so that you can start to love and enjoy what you do, each and every day.

So, why would you want to LOVE your day job? It’s a great question isn’t it? And we’re here to show you why and how.

Work – the four letter word ending in K where the majority of us spend approximately one third of our LIFETIME. Think about that for just a moment. One THIRD of your time on this beautiful planet will be working at your job. That is why it is vitally important that you have a positive relationship with it and make the most of your hours when you are there.

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This powerful program will provide you with tools, strategies and a plan and give you an attitude adjustment so that you can proactively INVEST in this important part of your life.



Living the dream

2; Paradigms
3. An Attitude Adjustment
4. The decision line
5. Wherever you go – there you’ll b
6. You are not a tree
7. Understanding peoples differences

Pathway to success

8. Alchemy 101
9. Toxic soup
10. Gratitude – The thank bank
11. Having fun/Lighten up
12. Grow while you commute
13. Change your beliefs to change your paradigm

Your “A” game

14. Manifest your Surroundings
15. Be where you are
16. You are  not an island
17. Bringing you’re “A” game
18. Turning Monday into Funday
19. Mind your language
20. The Teflon effect

Dollars and sense

21. Retirement shmirement! The truth about retirement
22. The Plan B fallacy
23. It’s not always about the dollar
24. Chameleon
25. The grass isn’t always greener
26. That’s a wrap

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