How to Find The Perfect Spiritual Master

Save Yourself Years of Search & Create a Stronger Foundation in Spirituality



The student will be able to identify the Perfect Spiritual Master and therefore gain quicker spiritual progress..

The student will be able to understand Spirituality beyond Religions.

The student will save many years of search for a Perfect Spiritual Master

The student will build a very strong foundation in Spirituality.


  • Start learning with an open mind. Ready to learn new and unlearn the old.
  • Anybody irrespective of their religion, caste, color, nationality, gender etc. can take this course.


This course has been prepared using my experience of more than 10 years spent only in searching for a Perfect Spiritual Master for myself & also a lot of hard work & effort that went into putting this Course into a Concise & Simple Manner.

When I started my Spiritual Journey as a Seeker, I did not know at that time how to find a Spiritual Master who could not only help me with inner guidance during my meditation but also help my Soul eventually become One with the Spirit.

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I did not know that there are levels in Spiritual Realms and that a Master can take a Soul only up to the level that he himself has reached. But today, after more than 25 years on the Spiritual Path,  I can share with you the signs to recognize such a Master.

This course will help you save many years of your Spiritual Awakening Process by helping you recognize the Perfect Spiritual Master for your soul. We all know that there are a plethora of spiritual teachers on the internet nowadays and so many imposters have also come forward,

This course will help you recognize the signs/ characteristics to look for while finding the Perfect Spiritual Master.

You can also check out my free course ‘Spiritual Awakening from India’ on Udemy, just at the end of this page. Both the courses have been shifted from the Academy to Udemy recently.

Who this course is for:

  • Spiritual Seekers who want to save many years of their Spiritual Journey
  • Seekers who wish to quicken their spiritual progress by learning to find the Perfect Spiritual Master in the starting of their Awakening Journey.
  • Spiritual Seekers who wish to build a very strong foundation in Spirituality
  • Seekers who want to learn from the teachings of the Spiritual Teachers of different religions

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