How to File Cryptocurrency Taxes? Crypto Tax Guide

Learn accounting methods, strategies, and findings about filing cryptocurrency taxes the right way.

What you will learn

Learn to file cryptocurrency taxes

Generate tax reports at ease

Find more about taxable and non-taxable events

Explore taxation methods and choosing the best one for you


Cryptocurrencies have the potential to become the future of money. Therefore, more and more agencies around the world are taxing it heavily.

The IRS, for instance, has been known to take interest in cryptocurrency transactions. If you are involved in any type of crypto-related activity, whether it’s trading, mining, investing, or even just holding your coins, then you need to make sure that you report these activities to the IRS.

In this course, we will teach you all the accounting methods to save you the most money, taxable and non-taxable events, and how to generate tax reports for all your activities. We will also cover the penalties for evading cryptocurrency taxes.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills needed to:

– File cryptocurrency taxes the right way

– Generate tax reports at ease

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– Differ between taxable and non-taxable events

– Report different kinds of activities

– Pick the best accounting method for taxation

Token Metrics is on a mission to educate the masses, making people achieve their financial freedom. This “How to File Cryptocurrency Taxes? Crypto Tax Guide” course is our contribution to that mission.

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Course Content

How to Generate Tax Reports for Cryptocurrencies?
Crypto Taxable Events?
How Much Taxes Do You Need to Pay?
FIFO, LIFO, HIFO Accounting Methods for Crypto
Which Accounting Method to Choose for Crypto?
Do You Need to Pay Taxes on Crypto Trades?
Do You Need to Pay Taxes on Crypto Transfers?
Minimum Portfolio Value to File Crypto Taxes?
How to Pay Taxes on Crypto Airdrops?
How to Pay Taxes on Crypto Gifts?
How to Pay Taxes on Staking Rewards?
How to Report Stolen Cryptocurrencies or Hacks?
How to File Cryptocurrency Taxes Properly?
Should You Use Overseas Crypto Exchanges?
Penalties for Not Filing Crypto Taxes?
Can Government Track You If You’re Not Paying Crypto Taxes?


How to Legally Cash Out Crypto Without Paying Taxes?
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