How To Become Change Maker

Become Change Maker

How To Become Change Maker


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Today I come up with my new course called How to Change Maker, so let’s move on to the course and learn lot of things with me and enjoy.

What do a group of school children, truckers, and a Nobel Peace Prize winner from Bangladesh all have in common? Each is a change maker – part of a growing movement that demonstrates how anyone, young or old, can make a difference from anywhere in the world.

In Haiti, students are creating new traffic safety systems, American truckers are becoming leaders in preventing human trafficking, Bangladeshi bankers have redefined finance in way that tackles poverty, and the list doesn’t stop there. Change making is a growing trend. There are now more than 170 schools and 28,000 organisations around the world that are dedicated to change making. But the growing movement begs an important question: what exactly is a change maker?

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There is a need for a common definition for “changemaker” so that it is easier to build shared community, create resources that can help anyone become a changemaker, and measure progress towards nurturing and inspiring others. Some of us at Ashoka, an organization whose mission is to create an Everyone a Changemaker world, set out to discover what it takes to be a changemaker. We discovered changemaking stories that range from four-year-olds to elder aunts, from unsung neighborhood caretakers to Nobel Peace Prize winners, and from working professionals to dedicated social entrepreneurs.

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