How To Become a Paranormal Investigator

Methods and Tools Used by Professional Paranormal Investigators.

What you will learn

You’ll discover how to think critically and discern real paranormal activity from imagined events.

Learn the difference between ghosts, poltergeists, and demonic activity.

What equipment is the best equipment to detect all types of paranormal activity.

Find out what orbs are and how to hear spiritual voices through EVPs.


Want to be a paranormal investigator like Zak Bagans, Grant Wilson, or Omar Gosh? For the first time ever, paranormal expert Chuck Fresh from the Underpresence shares his lessons and knowledge with this complete series on how you too can become a real, professional paranormal investigator. You’ll learn about collecting different forms of paranormal evidence, and the critical thinking needed to debunk things that aren’t really paranormal. Learn the various kinds of hauntings and how to approach each. Learn how to tell if what your sensing truly is paranormal. And learn all about the tools professional paranormal investigators use to get real results. Fresh shares his unbiased view on his favorite paranormal investigation equipment. Fresh describes what each unit detects, how it works, and why he likes each component. He also tells you which equipment you don’t really need so you can save several hundred dollars. Finally, Fresh shows you some orbs his team captured on video in several haunted locations throughout Central Florida, and listen for yourself as spirits attempt to transcend dimensions and speak to us, complete with intelligent responses to our questions. It’s a fun topic to learn with some real world information that could lead to paying gigs, or even you becoming the next Zak Bagans with your own hit television series!

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Critical Thinking and Debugging

Different Types of Hauntings

Different Types of Hauntings

Paranormal Detection Methods and Equipment

Investigative Methods and Equipment

Sample Evidence Collection

Sample Orb Videos
Sample EVP Audio Captures

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