Hosting Simple Web Applications using Amazon Lightsail

An introduction to quick, flexible, and free hosting of Simple Web Applications using Amazon Lightsail

What you will learn

Differentiate between several application-hosting services on AWS

Describe the capabilities of Amazon Lightsail

Create and deploy a LAMP-stack instance on Lightsail

Deploy a managed database on Lightsail

Set up a content delivery network (CDN) to distribute media content to edge locations

Create the SSL/TLS certificate for a load balancer to secure the network connection


As a freelance developer, you are regularly building various software solutions for your customers. Recently, you received a request to create a pet adoption app on AWS. Because of a tight deadline and limited budget, you need to find a hosting platform that would satisfy all customer requirements without having a lot of setup and operations overhead. You evaluate different AWS services and decide on Amazon Lightsail to meet your use case. With Lightsail, you’ll be able to build and deploy an instance to host an app and then gradually add features to enhance app functionality. Amazon Lightsail provides easy-to-use cloud resources to get your web application or websites up and running in just a few clicks.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

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  • Differentiate between several app hosting services on AWS
  • Understand the value and simplicity of Amazon Lightsail
  • Create an account on AWS
  • Create and deploy a LAMP stack instance in Lightsail
  • Differentiate between dynamic and static IP addresses in Lightsail
  • Assign a static IP address to the app
  • Create a managed database in Lightsail
  • Store images in Amazon S3
  • Create a bucket metric alarm to receive notifications when the Amazon S3 bucket is reaching its limit
  • Create a content distribution network
  • Build a Highly Available application
  • Familiarize yourself with Lightsail service limits
  • Delete all configured resources to avoid incurring costs


Week 1: Build and Deploy an App on Amazon Lightsail

Course Introduction
Week 1 Introduction
App Hosting Services on AWS
Overview of Amazon Lightsail
Set Up Your Account on AWS and Create a User
Create and Deploy a LAMP Stack Instance
Assign a Static IP Address to Your App
Exercise 1
Create a Managed Database in Amazon Lightsail
Create a Bucket in Amazon Lightsail
Create Bucket Metric Alarms
Exercise 2
Week 1 FAQs
Quiz 1

Week 2: Optimize and Scale Your App for High Availability

Week 2 Introduction
Create a Content Distribution Network for Pet Images
Add a Load Balancer To Create a Highly Available App
Exercise 3
Create a DNS Zone in Amazon Lightsail
Create SSL/TLS Certificates for Your Load Balancer in Amazon Lightsail
Exercise 4
How To Scale Your Lightsail App
Week 2 FAQs
Quiz 2
Delete All Resources
Course Closing
Final Quiz

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