Home Workout Course For Beginner(No Equipment Needed)

Simple course for the beginners to give them freedom to workout with their own bodyweight.

What you will learn

This course will guide you to how you can train your body with your own bodyweight at home itself.

This course is for the beginners to give them an idea of different types of exercises & how to do these exercises.

This course might not have the best quality of presentation but definitely it will give you the freedom to train your body by your own bodyweight.

The learners will have an option to train their body without depending on any equipment/Gym.


In this covid situation we are closed at our homes which makes it difficult to have a healthy lifestyle. This course will help you to train your body at home itself. By using the knowledge of this course you can avoid buying a costly gym membership and have the freedom to train your body at home itself without any equipment needed.

Content Overview

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This course is for the beginners who are starting to develop a healthy lifestyle. Who are looking to learn basic exercises to make the foundation strong. Beginners who are looking for the exercises which can be done at an beginner level to build strength and the newbie gains. This course is based on video lectures to teach you different types of bodyweight exercises to leave you with no excuses. In the end you need to decide what are your priorities, why it’s necessary to exercise to build a good habit and are you willing to put the efforts to make your body healthy. Below are some key points you can expect from this course:-

  • Learn about training each part of your body by your own bodyweight.
  • Will make you independent from any equipment or any gym membership needed to workout.
  • Get to know about different types of warm up exercise to build a good habit and decrease the risk of injuries.
  • Learn about various types of exercises targeting different body parts of your body.
  • Help file to give you an idea how you can include the various exercise in your workout plan.




Warm Up Exercises

Jumping Jacks
Knee Tap Exercise
Rotating Toe Touch

Chest Muscles

Push Up
Wide Range Push Up
Diamond Push Up
Typewriter Push Up
Elevated surface push ups
Explosive push ups

Core Muscles(Abs)

Plank Exercise
Leg Raises
Side Oblique Exercise
Toe Touch

Legs Muscles

Squat Exercise
Jumping Lunges
Explosive squats
Calf Raises
Bridge Hold Exercise

Arms Muscles

Pseudo Planche Push ups For Biceps
Bench Dips
Triceps Extension
Cross triceps extension
Palm Extension
Pike push ups

Back Muscles

Hindu Push Ups
Reverse Snow Angels
Back Hyperextension

Thank You Note

Thank You Note

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