Home Office Digital Marketing Business Model

Stuck at home? Run your own successful Digital Marketing Agency from your Home Office.

What you will learn

Create business structure by role

Create business struccture by service

Create your Business Model for Small Digital Marketing Home Business

Use the best selling approaches for digital marketing services

Use the power of no defense sales system

Use lead optimization formula – the profit detector

Analyze business data across Google Analytics

Set the best pricing models for their digital marketing home business services

Develop successful digital marketing home business


Start and Run your own successful Digital Marketing Agency. My Business Model for Small Digital Marketing Home Business model.

I’ll tell you my story, but first let’s see what you will earn get from this course:


During the course you will learn how to build your own business model:

  • Create your digital marketing home business model structure by role and by service
  • Develop the best pricing models for your services according the worlds’ best practices
  • Bring your sales approaches by service on different level- selling SEO, Facebook, Google AdWords or other type of digital marketing services.
  • Learn how to defense your business model from annoying clients with the special technique- The Power of No defense sales system
  • Find the most important sales channels that will brings you a lot of sales
  • Define your lead optimization strategy, thanks to the Profit Detector formula


And much more!

Then you are ready to start your own Home Based Digital Marketing business model!

Here is my story:

I have started my own before 7 years and since then didn’t regret for this decision even for a second.

I have not only financial freedom, I have something much more valuable- time for me and my family!

My home based business provides mostly SEO, Facebook Ads and Google AdWords services.

It is a family business and I am working together with my wife and a few employees, that are working also from home.

Back in 2011 when I was at my first job I realize I need to do a step further.

It was a tuft risky decision I needed to quit my job and stay with no income until the wheel start turning.

We create a website and start our first promotion with a simple Facebook ad.

It was so great to see how the first clients are coming.

Subscribe to latest coupons on our Telegram channel.

This was the boom of the SEO and we manage to rapidly developed our small Digital Marketing agency.

Then I start working with freelancers as my employees.

They were doing SEO link building, Facebook ads or Google AdWords management.

These people were the foundation of our team, we test them in time in real working condition and lately we higher some of them in house.

From my position now I realize how close I was back then to my own business model and how could I just easily missed this opportunity if I fall in fear.

This is the reason I create this course.

I want to support all of you that are currently on this stage and need to make the final step to your independency!

I am not saying it is easy, I am saying it is worth it!

In this course you will learn how to build your own Digital Marketing Home Business model from scratch.

If you are good at your work!

If you provide freelance services!

If you just want financial freedom!

Subscribe for this course today and develop your own home based digital marketing business!



Building Your Business Model Structure
The story of my Digital Marketing Home Business Model
My current Home Business Model Structure by Role
Your Blueprint Home Business Model Structure by Role
Volume of the Working Power
My current Home Business Model Structure by Service
Your Blueprint Home Business Model Structure by Service
From where to start the Recruitment of Your Team
External services in Your Business Model Structure Part 1
External services in Your Business Model Structure Part 2
A few words from Me
Building Team & Know-How & Sales
Basic Business Foundation
Procudtivity and Flexibility
Example for P&F in my own business
Action plan 1
Building a know-how
Action plan 2
Clients- sales channels
Action plan 3
Pricing Your Digital Marketing Services – SEO, Google AdWords & Facebook
SEO pricing models
Google AdWords pricing models
Facebook Ads pricing models
Inbound Marketing plan for Your Digital MArketing Home Business
Inbound Marketing Metodlogy
Buyers Personas
Content Marketing Plan
Digital Mareting Sales Approaches
Digital Marketing Sales Approach Part 1
Digital Marketing Sales Approach Part 2
SEO Sales Approach
Facebook Ads Sales Approach
Google AdWords Sales Approach
Sales Channels for your Home Digital Marketing Business
Google AdWords sales channel: Search or Display
Google AdWords sales channel: Structure
Google AdWords sales channel: Remarketing
Google AdWords sales channel: Pros and Cons
Facebook Ads sales channel: Types of Ads
Facebook Ads sales channel: Structure
Facebook Ads sales channel: Remarketing
Facebook Ads sales channel: Types of AdsPros and Cons
Job websites sales channel
Freelance websites sales channel
Email campaigns sales channel
Refferals from existing clients
Social media marketing sales channels
Google Organic sales channel
Lead Optimization for your Business Model
AdWords clients data you need to calculate the (ACV) average client value
How to calculate Average Client Value with simple formulas
Relation of Quality & Investment capabilities in Google AdWords sales process
Non Monetary cleint value
Momentum & Decision/Competency relation in Google AdWords sales
The 4 stages of the sales process according time spent per google adwords lead
The Profit Detector Sales formula revealed – start selling Google AdWords now!
Lead Optimization With the Profit Detector Formula in Text
The Power Of NO – Defense Sales System
7 Benefits of saying NO
10 Examples of NO line in Action
The NO line in sales negotiations
Company & Client interests in sales negotiations
Responsibility sahre in sales negotiations
Resources in sales negotiations
Client types & Approaches
Sales phone call- Role play video
Sales ethics
The Power of NO in thext
Google Quality Guidelines EAT
Bonus section
Bonus lecture – promo voucher to all my courses

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