Health Anxiety – Breaking the Cycle

Challenge your anxiety & live free of fear

What you will learn

Understand this kind of anxiety – Knowledge is power!

Separate facts from fiction (what’s real & what’s in your head)

Challenge anxious thoughts and not allow them to consume you

Cultivate courage and wisdom in order to let go of fear and obsession

Be comfortable living with uncertainty & allowing things to just ‘be’

Use mindfulness techniques as tools to calm your anxieties

Feel at ease in your body and mind

Live life with abundance & without fear


  • Do you worry about your health obsessively?
  • Do you find yourself checking your body for signs of illness?
  • Do you spend time searching the internet to try to reassure yourself that you are not ill only to find that this makes you even more fearful?
  • Do you worry that you may have a serious illness now or that you will develop one in the future?
  • Are these anxious thoughts & actions disrupting your everyday life?

These are all signs of Health Anxiety, a very common and growing form of anxiety that is miserable to live with and causes a lot of unnecessary suffering.

It doesn’t have to be this way…Are you ready to challenge your anxiety and break free from it?

In this course you can work in your own time and space to:

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  • Apply new ways to think and deal with anxious thoughts
  • Take charge of your health in a responsible, prudent way without obsession & anxiety
  • Be able to separate facts from the fiction (what is real and what is in your head)
  • Acknowledge that life is uncertain and be happy to live this way (the only way)
  • Be comfortable with allowing things to be as they are
  • Realise that you can live without anxiety and fear
  • Stop feeling the need to control life or protect yourself and instead be able to just live life with abundance!

This course has 23 short lectures, each taking between 3 and 5 minutes to complete. They will involve soul searching and challenging your thoughts. Using video lectures, visualisations, self-discovery practices and practical exercises you will first understand the process of your anxiety and then start to challenge these anxious thoughts.

You will then be able to think about your health in a responsible but no longer obsessive way and be able to just get on and enjoy living!



Introduction: An insight into the course

Introduction: My Story and This Course


EXERCISE: Health Anxiety and You
The Process of Health Anxiety
Know Your Triggers
Separating Facts from Fiction
Thoughts are Not Facts!
EXERCISE: Is the Tiger in The Room?

CHALLENGE Your Thoughts and Anxieties

Moving Beyond the Fear
Letting Go of Our Need for Certainty and Control
EXERCISE: How Would I Like to Live? Who Do I Want to Be?
EXERCISE: What Thought Patterns Could I Change?
EXERCISE: What Actions Could I Change?
Cultivating Calm Wisdom for a Peaceful Life
EXERCISE: Choosing to Change

BE AT EASE in Mind and Body

Live in the Now – Moment by Moment
EXERCISE: Nurturing my Body and Mind
Let Life Flow
Get Out of Your Head

Follow Up Material

Meditation and Good Bye!
Resources and Tools
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