Guarantee Sales As An Online Personal Trainer

Use methods personal trainers are using to generate sales and build an online empire.

What you will learn

Learn how EASY it is to start an online personal training business.

Learn what personal trainers are doing to generate revenues online.

Learn how to use social media to guarantee new customers.

Learn to create credibility for your business in its early stages.

Save time off of the no filler approach to learning.

Learn how to perform client consultations.

Learn what to avoid when starting this business.

Learn how to manage your time as an online trainer to maximize efficiency.


ANYONE with valuable training experience can become an ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINER.

My name is Alexander Commodore and I was a successful online personal trainer, prior to a military service obligation.

I am now sharing how I built my business in order to achieve my success while giving you the knowledge and how I would go about achieving this success again while skipping all the mistakes rookies make in starting a business.

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This course takes you through all the points required of you to start your new source of income.

You will learn to build your business from the ground up using the next generation way of training people.

You will learn how to acquire clientele.

You will learn what credibility and social proof are.

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You will learn how to use social media to your advantage.

You will learn sales tactics to close sales.

You will learn how to market your product and service.

The best part of this business model is it is used by MOST personal trainers in the online space and can work for anyone.

Even more interesting is you can work from ANYWHERE and from your PHONE.

If you have INTENT to start an online personal training business THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU.





Individual or Company

Learn to Identify

What Is a Niche

Identify Your Niche

Distributing Your Service

What You’re Selling
The Cost of What You Sell
Sell These Products

Understand Social Media

How to Use Social Media


Gaining Credibility / Social Proof

Product Pricing

Pricing Your Product

Website Knowledge

The Cart

Client Consultations

Consulting with Clients

Enroll for Free

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